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Don’t Rush to Crush is included in Pharmacy Board of Australia’s list of essential references for pharmacy practice. 

The second edition of Don't Rush to Crush is expanded and improved and has many new features. It is available as a hard copy now and will soon be available in a range of electronic formats and platforms.

Click here to order the hard copy book. 

The new electronic version will be available through MIMS soon and a downloadable e-book will be available for the first time in 2016.


Don't Rush to Crush - 2nd edition

Australia’s most comprehensive guide to giving solid oral medicines to people who are unable to swallow.

When giving tablets and capsules to patients who have difficulty swallowing or an enteral feeding tube, healthcare professionals need answers to these questions:

can I crush it?
can I dissolve it?
can I open the capsule?
is there a liquid formulation?
can I give the injection orally?

Now the answers are available in SHPA’s publication – Don’t Rush to Crush – options for people unable to swallow solid oral medicines.


Don't Rush to Crush 2nd ed. updates and new monographs


Important updated information or errata that are identified in the Australian Don’t Rush to Crush Handbook 2nd Ed will be noted here.

The following monographs have been updated to include recent changes to the available formulations. The updates are available in the electronic version of Don’t Rush to Crush and will be available in print in the 3rd edition.

Entecavir June 2016

Fentanyl update March 2016

Frusemide update March 2016

Iron update March 2016

Vitamin A June 2016

New monographs

The following new monographs are only available in the electronic version of the Australian  Handbook Don’t Rush to Crush Handbook and here. They will be available in print in the 3rd edition.

Apremilast June 2016

Asunaprevir June 2016

Daclatasvir June 2016

Ibrutinib June 2016

Fosfomycin March 2016

Febuxostat March 2016

Lurasidone March 2016

Ponatinib June 2016

Tofacitinib June 2016

Vorinostat June 2016




SHPA welcomes feedback from those who use the Don’t Rush to Crush Handbook - nurses, pharmacists and others, about improvements in content and/or readability. Send your feedback to publications@shpa.org.au.

Seeking volunteers to review the next edition of the Don’t Rush to Crush Handbook

An essential part of the Don’t Rush to Crush Handbook is that each monograph is read by nurses and pharmacists from different practice settings to ensure that information is conveyed clearly to avoid confusion. Reviewers are acknowledged with thanks in the introductory pages of the Don’t Rush to Crush Handbook. Participating in a review of the Don’t Rush to Crush Handbook may contribute to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits. If you are willing to be involved in future monograph reviews, please email your contact details, level of experience and areas of interest to publications@shpa.org.au.




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