AIDH 8th Edition Updates

Updated information and new monographs will be posted here.

September 2021 update: the addition of two new monographs sotrovimab and ofatumumab. Corrected administration advice for paediatric patients for eculizumab. New administration and CoPAT stability information for piperacillin-tazobactam. New paediatric advice and IV compatibility information for ceftazidime-avibactam. New administration advice for levetiracetam. Updated preparation advice for aspirin. Updated stability advice for apomorphine and ceftolozane-tazobactam. A new formulation of esmolol and the additon of biosimilars for adalimumab, bevacizumab, pegfilgrastim, rituximab, trastuzumab.

June 2021 update: the addition of two new monographs cefuroxime and romosozumab. Addition of powder volume information (to facilitate part-dosing) for cefazolin, ceftaroline, cefuroxime, desferrioxamine and piperacillin & tazobactam. Updated storage information for anidulafungin, pegvisomant and updated administration advice for ceftaroline, ocrelizumab and amphotericin liposomal (Ambisome)

April 2021 update: correction to the argatroban and benzylpenicilline monographs.

March 2021 update: the addition of new drug cemiplimab. New stability or storage information for asfotase alfa, buprenorphine subcut depot and oxytocin. New preparation information atezolizumab and C1 esterase inhibitor. Additional administration advice for cyclizine and posaconazole in response to user feedback.

December 2020 update: five new drugs added gemtuzumab ozogamicin, letermovir, Optisulin, RiaSTAP, Thrombotrol. Three updates reflecting changes in TG Toxicology and Toxinology: desferrioxamine, digoxin immune FAB, glucagon. New brands or formulations added to defibrotide, oxytocin, suxamethonium. Four monographs updated to include new information or in response to user feedback: ceftriaxone, desmopressin, olanzapine, tenecteplase.

October 2020 update: addition of the specialist immunoglobulin injections. 

September 2020 update: two new drugs added risankizumab, semaglutide. New brands or formulations added to four existing monographs: C1 esterase inhibitor, ketamine, labetalol and suxamethonium. Three monographs updated to include new information or in response to user feedback: etoposide phosphate, furosemide, nicardipine and secukinumab. The buprenorphine information is now across two separate monographs – one for the IV injection (Temgesic) and one for the subcutaneous depot injections (Buvidal and Sublocade).

August 2020 update: addition of sodium chloride 23.4%, updated availability and stability data for terlipressin, updated availability and dilution advice for remdesivir

July 2020 update: addition of remdesivir.

June 2020 Update includes four new drugs, five new brands or products added to existng monographs, the addition of practical advice for reconstitution of fosfomycin and administration of tramadol, additional stability data for pantoprazole, more compatibility information for dexmedetomine and correction of oral dose information for sildenafil. 

May 2020 Update. To assist in the response to and planning for the COVID-19 pandemic. The AIDH8 has added three extra resources:

  • Additional compatibility information for medicines likely to be used in the management of COVID-19 patients in intensive care units.
  • A list of highest priority medicines for infusion pumps, and 
  • A quick guide to identifying medicines that may be given by IV injection, to assist with planning in the event of a pump shortage.