AIDH 8th Edition Updates

Updated information and new monographs will be posted here.

June 2020 Update includes four new drugs, five new brands or products added to existng monographs, the addition of practical advice for reconstitution of fosfomycin and administration of tramadol, additional stability data for pantoprazole, more compatibility information for dexmedetomine and correction of oral dose information for sildenafil. 

May 2020 Update. To assist in the response to and planning for the COVID-19 pandemic. The AIDH8 has added three extra resources:

  • Additional compatibility information for medicines likely to be used in the management of COVID-19 patients in intensive care units.
  • A list of highest priority medicines for infusion pumps, and 
  • A quick guide to identifying medicines that may be given by IV injection, to assist with planning in the event of a pump shortage.