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Get involved – because Pharmacy GRIT is yours!

Pharmacy GRIT is of the members, by the members, and for the members - ans is a platform for connections between members; a prominent yet accessible place for member expression; as well as a vehicle to provide content of real interest and use. 

Your work - research and otherwise
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General is the GRIT hotline. Contact us at any time to make suggestions regarding future issue themes, feature articles, instructional papers or guides, or anything else you’d like to see between the Pharmacy GRIT covers. We are very open to suggestions and discussions!

Your work – research and otherwise

Whether it’s a robust opinion piece or a thought-provoking feature article, GRIT may be the launchpad for your idea or your insight – contact us to discuss your ideas. 

Pharmacy GRIT publishes research, practice reports and case reports, underwritten by a peer-review process and provides a space for engaged, proactive efforts in scientific research of interest to SHPA members. We are particularly interested in research and reports that engage with frontline pharmacy work and unique practice innovations on any scale.

If we believe your research could be published in the JPPR we will let you know! 

Regular sections

Our regular section - Letters to the Community - provides an accessible platform for members to speak out: opinions, ideas, thoughts and revolutions – we want them all. 

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