Winter 2018 - Pharmacy GRIT

Once logged-in, SHPA members can view the Winter 2018 (Volume 2, Number 2) issue of Pharmacy GRIT in flipbook format. Launch a fullscreen version by clicking the symbol in the bottom righthand corner of the flipbook viewer. Download the issue as a PDF by clicking on the "download arrow" in the top lefthand corner of the viewer.

Highlights of the Winter issue include:

  • SHPA-NAPSA Student Supplement: GRIT teams up with NAPSA to bring you a snapshot of the research being undertaken by students and interns across the country – see what's possible when early-career passion is embraced by leadership!
  • A Pharmacist in Resus: Exams are quiet and calm. Bringing someone back to life isn't. Andrea Verde's immersive guide to the challenges of an emergency resus reveals the importance of how and where we learn our craft.
  • Who put you in charge? Pharmacy Residents occupying leadership positions – the world hasn't turned upside down, it's just an innovative rotation within the SHPA Residency Program. Scott Mitchell is behind it, and in GRIT he tell us why and how.
  • Talkin Bout Your BPharm Generation! Latin, kebabs and ambegris – Jeanie Misko and her mum both studied pharmacy in WA, just a few decades apart. So, what's changed, and what never will?
  • Getting the best Residency experience, no matter where you are: Cathy Martin and Sheridan Briggs share their pioneering work overcoming the challenges of providing the SHPA Residency Program in a rural area. Their much sought-after advice in this crucial area is right here in GRIT.
  • Laura Murray went to the UK, and saw the tech workforce future. Now, back in her homeland, she's starting to see the signs that we're finally catching up – while getting involved herself.
  • A novel simulation teaching tool: Jessica Barnard describes a new pharmacy teaching method devised right here in Australia – one that gives the classroom a "unique character".
  • Learning how to teach: your guide to supervising research – both an essential cog in the research and learning machine, and a powerful way of animating your own career.

Supplementary materials

Article: Development of antipsychotic consumer medicines information for patients with dementia or delirium

Author(s): Mona J Kalogianis, Rohan A Elliott

       Appendix 1 – Excerpt from Quetiapine leaflet


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