Winter 2019 - Pharmacy GRIT

Once logged-in, SHPA members can view the Winter 2019 (Volume 3, Number 2) issue of Pharmacy GRIT in flipbook format. Launch a fullscreen version by clicking the symbol in the bottom righthand corner of the flipbook viewer. Download the issue as a PDF by clicking on the "download arrow" in the top lefthand corner of the viewer.

From the hourly sun to changing weather and the turning of the seasons, transitions define our physical environment. And professionally, as pharmacists and technicians, transition is also all around us – as this issue of Pharmacy GRIT recognises, led by SHPA members practising at the heart of these changes. Transitions of care, transitions within care and transitions of career are brought together in the Winter issue to inspire, assist and inform you – providing you with the necessary GRIT to navigate a world in which the only constant is change.

The issue also features the first-ever Residency Supplement, showcasing the research and perspectives of the first pharmacists to complete the revolutionary SHPA Residency Program. And the next generation of changemakers jump right into the cutting edge issues of our time, with their research examining transitions of care, extended hospital pharmacy hours, appropriate prescribing of proton pump inhibitors, and the waste-conscious reassignment of parenteral cancer medicines.


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