SHPA plays a valuable role advocating for pharmacists working in hospitals and other healthcare settings in order to achieve positive health outcomes for the community.

Managing medicines remains a substantial challenge for contemporary society. Even as community expectations of health and medical treatments grow, the mismanagement of medicine contributes to life-shortening outcomes for vulnerable populations, demonstrated by the 230,000 medication related hospital admissions each year.

With almost half of Australians experiencing a chronic health condition often requiring regular medicine use, a consensus is growing around the benefit of greater access for patients to professional pharmacy services and a recognition of the valuable role played by pharmacists as key members of the multi-disciplinary healthcare team.

SHPA is advocating to ensure pharmacists in hospitals and other healthcare settings are appropriately utilised in this dynamic new healthcare landscape.

To achieve this objective, SHPA actively seeks to increase understanding by governments and the wider community of the range, complexity and value of the work of members. SHPA also provides expert clinical advice to health and medical stakeholders on pharmacy matters and keeps members informed of the advocacy and representation undertaken on their behalf. Health policy and clinical services submissions made by SHPA are available on this website.

These activities are reported regularly to members via this website and our weekly eNews. In addition SHPA makes regular media statements to openly report on the progress of key programs and initiatives, to promote concepts and initiatives that support the profession and to counter misinformation and proposals that may have a negative impact on the Society and the well-being of its members. Join the SHPA media release mailing list

For more information about SHPA’s advocacy, pharmacy policy or stakeholder engagement contact Johanna de Wever, General Manager, Advocacy & Leadership on (03) 9486 0177.

Advocacy publications

For more information about SHPA’s policy work contact Jerry Yik, Senior Policy Analyst