‘Be recognised’: New recognition program set to transform pharmacy

‘Be recognised’: New recognition program set to transform pharmacy

As pharmacists around the world come together to celebrate World Pharmacists Day, the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) is announcing a landmark recognition program that will transform pharmacy practice in Australia and New Zealand.

Unveiled by SHPA President Tom Simpson at the 81st FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brisbane this morning, the Australian and New Zealand College of Advanced Pharmacy (ANZCAP) will support pharmacists and pharmacy technicians from all practice settings to ‘be recognised’ by tracking and planning their career toward Resident, Registrar and Consultant recognition.

Mr Simpson says it is indeed fitting to unveil ANZCAP on World Pharmacists Day on the global stage of FIP 2023.

‘This year’s World Pharmacists Day theme is “Pharmacy strengthening health systems” and this is exactly what ANZCAP stands to achieve and what is needed to reinvigorate Australia’s health system.

‘Our focus is each and every individual pharmacist and technician: Are you fulfilled in your role? Are you recognised for what you contribute? Is your unique experience and expertise respected, supported and utilised to its fullest potential? Are you working to your full scope?’

Formally opening in October, ANZCAP will be powered by an intuitive digital platform enabling practitioners to seamlessly record evidence of their experience and expertise and collate portfolios aligned with one or two of 40 specialty disciplines.

Mr Simpson says ANZCAP, a joint initiative of SHPA and the New Zealand Hospital Pharmacy Association (NZHPA), is a leap forward for Australian health care and many years in the making.

‘SHPA’s proud history of supporting innovation in pharmacy practice in Australia’s hospitals has forged strong foundations for the new College, which will benefit our whole profession in all pharmacy settings.

‘ANZCAP comprises an initial Foundation Program that acknowledges prior professional experience, available until March 2024, and builds on our long history of early-career pharmacy residencies offering two-year formalised fast-track education programs to Resident and Registrar recognition.

‘Thirdly and most importantly, ANZCAP features an Independent Program for anyone, anywhere to map their own path through these career milestones.

‘As well as recognising progression in each pharmacist and technician career, ANZCAP recognises the specialty practice areas that practitioners are focusing on, aligning recognition as Registrars or Consultants with one or two of 40 specialty areas, such as Cancer Medicine, Geriatric Medicine and Community Pharmacy.’

Mr Simpson says ANZCAP is built for the future in a time of change.

‘It is a broad program in which every pharmacist and technician can participate; in which you can completely self-manage your learning and development, or follow suggested learning experiences to attain transferable recognition, which is understood nationally.’

NZHPA President Sian Dawson says the announcement marks another step forward in growing ties between Australia and New Zealand.

‘We are extremely proud to see this transformative program formally announced, which will not only give our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians the recognition they deserve but will provide a broader developmental pathway for pharmacy in New Zealand.’

ANZCAP has the support of FIP’s President Mr Paul Sinclair and CEO Dr Catherine Duggan who are each set to receive their formal recognition today.

‘SHPA’s ANZCAP initiative is great recognition of pharmacists practicing advanced and specialised disciplines. I am honoured to have been included in foundation consultant membership,’ says Mr Sinclair.

‘Giving formal recognition to pharmacists is an important step in acknowledging the critical role they play in improving patient care and strengthening healthcare systems worldwide. Congratulations to SHPA on leading the charge with this transformative programme.’

‘I am honoured to be awarded Foundation Consultant Member status of the Australian and New Zealand College of Advanced Pharmacy, a new recognition system of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia,’ added Dr Duggan.

‘FIP has been advocating for specialty and advanced practice for many years and we are delighted to see this new initiative aligning with our goals.’

The ANZCAP online platform will launch in October 2023.

For more information, visit: shpa.org.au/ANZCAP