Australian Medicines Information Training Workbook

The Australian Medicines Information Training Workbook helps users to attain the skills and resource knowledge necessary for critical analysis and assessment of a medicines issue in the least amount of time possible.

The Workbook is a valuable reference for pharmacists practising in community pharmacy settings as well as hospital and pharmaceutical industry settings.

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Thanks to the initiative of the SHPA NSW Medicines Information Special Interest Group, leadership from Elizabeth Anderson and the hard work of editors and many contributors, SHPA's Australian Medicines Information Training Workbook first edition is now complete.

Hard copy available now, online version available exclusively to SHPA members for no charge at SHPA Online CPD.

Here is an opportunity for all pharmacists to update their skills in the many practical and clinical areas where medicines information questions are asked. This tool will teach undergraduates, intern pharmacists and registered pharmacists about medicines information resources and how to answer enquiries. You will learn time-saving focused approaches to medicines information enquiries that will assist with more efficient, appropriate patient-centred answers. At the same time you will learn about resources often used for specific clinical questions and work though sample questions to review your strategies. This is a fabulous opportunity to have some fun and gain CPD points at the same time.

The workbook contains 22 tutorials that you can complete at your own pace.

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