SHPA offers a number of awards for members who make outstanding contributions to the profession of hospital pharmacy.  These awards recognise excellence and reward dedication and innovation, and we thank the recipients for their contribution to our profession.

Associate Professor Ian Coombes receives 2018 Fred J Boyd Award
Associate Professor Ian Coombes receives the 2018 Fred J Boyd Award

Fred J Boyd Award


The Australian Clinical Pharmacy Award


Medal of Merit


Fred J Boyd Award

Established in 1978 in memory of SHPA's Founding President, the Fred J Boyd Award is the organisation's most prestigious award, recognising a member who has made a significant contribution to hospital pharmacy in Australia through oustanding achievement impacting public health and patient care.

2019 Fred J Boyd Award

Nominations for the 2019 Fred J Boyd Award have now closed. View criteria.

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Previous recipients of the Fred J Boyd Award

2018 Associate Professor Ian Coombes
2017 Dr Danielle Stowasser
2016 Debra Rowett
2015 Sue Kirsa
2014 Emeritus Professor Lloyd Sansom AO
2013 Yvonne Allinson
2011 Bill Thomson
2009 Kingsley Coulthard
2007 Susan Alexander
2005 Margaret Duguid
2003 Mary Hemming
2001 John Low
1999 Ian Brand
1997 Frank May    
1995 Pam Nieman
1993 Virginia Richardson
1991 Arthur N Jones
1989 Aino Mackie
1987 Stanley W Hayes
1985 Percival L Jeffs
1983 Neil Naismith
1981 W G Mercer
1979 Barry Miller


The Australian Clinical Pharmacy AwardDr Rohan Elliott receives the 2018 SHPA Australian Clinical Pharmacy Award

SHPA members are at the forefront of clinical pharmacy practice; SHPA's Australian Clinical Pharmacy Award recognises the outstanding contributions members make in this area and the crucial role pharmacists play on the patient journey. 

2019 Australian Clinical Pharmacy Award

Nominations for the 2019 Australian Clinical Pharmacy Award have now closed. View criteria.

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Previous recipients of The Australian Clinical Pharmacy Award

2018 Dr Rohan Elliott
2017 Dr Karen Whitfield
2016 Debbie Rigby
2015 Christine Carrington
2013 Sasha Bennett
2012 Jason Roberts
2011 Greg Roberts
2010 Garth Birdsey
2009 Susan Welch
2008 George Taylor
2007 Neil Cottrell
2006 Kirstie Galbraith
2005 Simone Taylor
2004 Michael Dooley
2003 Ian Coombes
2002 Debra Rowett
2001 Jeffery Hughes
2000 Dave Cosh
1999 Kingsley Coulthard
1998 Chris Alderman
1997 Chris Doecke


SHPA Medal of MeritDr Lisa Pont receives the 2018 SHPA Medal of Merit

The SHPA Medal of Merit (formerly known as the GlaxoSmithKline Medal of Merit) is awarded to an SHPA member in recognition of outstanding recent contributions and exemplary effort in hospital pharmacy practice.  

First awarded in 1962 as the Evans Medal of Merit to SHPA's founding president Fred J Boyd, it was awarded 46 times as the Evans Medal of Merit, Allen and Hanbury Medal of Merit, Glaxo Medal of Merit, Glaxo Wellcome Medal of Merit and finally the GlaxoSmithKline Medal of Merit, which was presented for the final time in 2013. 

2019 SHPA Medal of Merit

Nominations for the 2019 SHPA Medal of Merit have now closed. View criteria.

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Previous recipients of the Medal of Merit

2018 Dr Lisa Pont
2017 Dr Michael Barras
2016 Kate Richardson
2015 Kirstie Galbraith
2014 Amber Polles (nee Roberts)
2013 David Kong
2012 Rohan Elliott
2011 Bhavini Patel
2010 Ian Coombes
2009 Naomi Burgess
2008 Jo-anne Brien
2007 Rosemary Burke
2006 Karen Kaye
2005 Helen Dowling
2004 Danielle Stowasser
2003 Michael Dooley
2002 Penny Thornton
2001 Graeme Vernon
2000 Karen Allen
1999 Jenny Johnstone
1998 Jeff Hughes
1997 Susan Tett
1996 David Cosh
1995 Kay Hynes
1994 Roberta Lauchlan
1993 Christopher Alderman
1992 John Low
1991 Ian Larmour
1990 Pam Nieman
1989 Michael J Ryan
1988 Richard Plumridge
1987 Frank May
1986 Mary Hemming
1984 Sr. Marie Therese Rosenberg
1983 Arthur Jones
1982 Byron Guthrie
1981 William Thomson
1980 Barrie Miller
1979 Frank Ryan
1978 John Dickson
1977 Michael Wyer
1976 Melvyn Davis
1975 Neil W. Naismith
1971 John Wrench
1970 Barrie Miller
1969 Edward Phelan
1967 Mavis Sweeney
1964 Stanley Hayes MBE
1964 P. Lance Jeffs
1963 Charles Macgibbon
1962 Fred J Boyd JP


Medicines Management 2018 - Contributor Awards

  • Best oral presenter - Research: Erica Tong, 'Partnered Pharmacist Medication Charting: Multi-site evaluation demonstrating reduction in Length of Stay'
  • Best oral presenter - Case study: Sally Harding, 'Does accidental dose-dense Epclusa® make sense'
  • Best first time oral presenter - Research: Melynda Flor, 'Is a UK-trained accuracy checking pharmacy assistant as proficient and efficient as an Australian pharmacist?'
  • Best first time oral presenter - Case study: Evangeline Armstrong Gordon, 'Shaking up the peri-operative managment of Parkinson's Disease patients'
  • Best technician oral presenter: Mark Clifford, 'SHPA NSW Branch: 2017 Technician Continuing Education (CE) Sessions, Feedback and Evaluation'
  • Best overall poster: Nicola Harper, 'Time-and-motion study of imprest supply times before and after Pyxis implementation in four emergency departments'
  • Best first time poster: Caitlin Yorke, 'Introducing the patient flow pharmacist'
  • Best technician poster: Stacy Burge, 'Beyond supply of medications: an audit identifying the additional clinical benefits of ward pharmacy technicians'
  • People's choice award for best poster: Sarah Smith, 'The great escape! Using an "escape room" game for interactive clinical education and team building'
  • Social Influencer Award: Tina Brock, #MM2018SHPA

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