Don't Rush to Crush - 3rd Edition coming in August

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Don't Rush to Crush is a comprehensive guide to safely administering oral medicines to people who have swallowing difficulties or have enteral feeding tubes, it is a required text for pharmacy practice. The new third edition is available for pre-order, now featuring 570 medicines! Every monograph has been reviewed and a the format has been improved to enhance focus on patient-centered care.  Find out more →

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Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook - 7th Edition

The most comprehensive handbook of its kind, the Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook provides up-to-date information on injectable medicines that will be useful in your daily practice. Find out more →

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Australian Medicines Information Training Workbook

The Australian Medicines Information Training Workbook helps users to attain the skills and resource knowledge necessary for critical analysis and assessment of a medicines issue in the least amount of time possible. Find out more →

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