SHPA has branches in all states and territories. They play a key role in SHPA activities, including addressing issues specific to their region and advocating for hospital pharmacy with state/territory governments, local universities and other pharmacy bodies. They also facilitate local continuing education/CPD events for SHPA members and other pharmacists; and produce regular branch newsletters.

For information about branch CPD events such as branch CPD lectures and branch symposiums, go to SHPA CPD

Australian Capital Territory Branch

Mailing Address: SHPA ACT Branch, C/- Pharmacy Department, The Canberra Hospital, PO Box 11 Woden ACT 2606

Branch Committee 2017

Chair: Beth Hua
Vice-Chair: Miriam Lawrence
Secretary: Susan Alexander
Treasurer: Josh Kennedy
CE Coordinator: Nathan Kwong
Communications Officer: Rebecca Res
Member: Malwina Pliszczak
Member: Reza Ebrahimi
Member: Wony Koak 
Federal Councillor: Emily Diprose


Technician observer: Bryan Walker

Intern observer: Angela Bernau

New South Wales Branch

Mailing Address: SHPA NSW Branch, C/- PO Box 1774, Collingwood, Vic., 3066

Branch Committee 2017

SHPA NSW Branch members have elected the following as their Branch Committee for 2017. Office bearers will be elected in January 2017.

Chair: Russell Levy
Vice-Chair: Peter Barclay
Secretary: Kristin Xenos
Treasurer: Claire Fitzgerald
Federal Councillor: Sasha Bennett
Federal Councillor: Lisa Pont
MM2017 Chair: Natalie Tasker
Directors of Pharmacy Liaison Officer: Sally Nicolson
Education Coordinator: Jessica Pace
Minutes Secretary: Christine Coorey
Newsletter Editor: Kathryn Filipczuk
Supporting Education Coordinator: David Luo


Rural Observer:  Ian Mawbey
Rural Observer:  Anna Barwick

Technician Observer:  Melanie Anderson
Technician Observer:  Meagan Wheatley
Technician Observer:   Mark Clifford

Intern observers 2017: TBA

Student observers 2017: TBA

Education Sub-committee 2017: TBA

Technician Sub-committee 2017: TBA

Queensland Branch

Mailing Address: SHPA Qld Branch, C/- PO Box 1774, Collingwood, Vic., 3066 

Branch Committee 2016

Chair: Jennie O’Hare
Vice-Chair: Jackie Costello
Secretary: Lee Allam
Treasurer/Membership: Sally Porter
Federal Councillor: Trudy Teasdale
Federal Councillor: Ian Coombes

CE Coordinator: Paul Firman
CE Coordinator: Jess Eglington
Newsletter: Benita Suckling
Minutes Secretary: Emma Alder
Member: Sheryn Wang
Member: Peter Coomber


Rural and Remote observer: Michelle Rothwell
Rural and Remote observer: Courtney Vesey

CE team : Andy Lo

Technician observer: Pippa Burchnall

South Australia & Northern Territory Branch

Mailing Address: SHPA SA/NT Branch, c/- Pharmacy Department, Repatriation General Hospital, Daws Rd, Daw Park SA 5041 

Branch Committee 2017

Chair: Annabel Calder
Vice Chair: Kirsty Tait
Secretary: Janet Sluggett
Treasurer: Jen Collins
Federal Councillor: Steve Morris
ECP Workgroup Chair: Lisa Kitto
CE Coordinator: Angela Young
CE Coordinator: Sophie Michell
CE Coordinator: Nashwa Masnoon
CE Coordinator: Mary Condello


Technician observer: TBA

SA Pharmacist observers: TBA

NT Pharmacist observers: TBA

Tasmanian Branch

Mailing Address: SHPA Tas Branch, c/- Royal Hobart Hospital, GPO Box 1061L, Hobart TAS 7001

Branch Committee 2017

SHPA Tasmanian Branch members have elected the following as their Branch Committee for 2017. Office bearers will be elected in January 2017.

Chair: Duncan McKenzie
Vice-Chair: Tom Simpson
Secretary: Kelly Beswick
Treasurer: Matt Rundle
CE Coordinator: Michelle Paine and Angus Thompson
Federal Councillor: Peter Fowler
Member: Sophie Woodward
Member: Kate Luttrell
Member: Annalee Graham


Student observer: Tyler Fenton
Student observer: Caitlan O'Keefe
Student observer: Tracey Hayes

Victorian Branch

Mailing Address: SHPA Vic. Branch, PO Box 1774, Collingwood, Vic. 3066

Branch Committee 2017

Chair: Glenn Valoppi
Vice-Chair: James Dwyer
Secretary: Leith Lilley
Treasurer: Scott Savage
CE Coordinator: Elizabeth Georgeson
CE Coordinator: Marisa Hodgkinson
Agenda & Minutes Secretary: Jane Booth
Student Liaison & General Support: Lisa Hui
Newsletter Editor: Tom Chynoweth
Federal Councillor: Michael Dooley
Federal Councillor: Greg Weeks
Pharmacist Project Officer: Paul Gysslink


Rural Observer: Chris Turner
Rural Observer: Jaclyn Baker

Technician Advisor: Lorah Hickman

VPSA Observer: TBA

BAPS Observer: TBA

RAPS Observer: TBA

Intern Advisor: TBA

Resident Advisor: TBA

Western Australian Branch

Mailing Address: SHPA WA Branch, GPO Box K814, Perth WA 6842

Branch Committee 2017 

Chair: Kerry Fitzsimons
Vice Chair: Brock Delfante
Secretary: Nam-Anh Nguyen
Treasurer: Jeanie Misko
CE Lead Coordinator: Ashleigh Lawrence
CE Coordinator: Vanessa Sinclair
CE Coordinator: Sarah MacKenzie
Membership Co-ordinator & Rural Representative: Meeghan Clay
Communications Officer: Daniel Rocco
Technician Representative: Paula Caird


Intern observers: TBA

Student observer: TBA

Branch News 

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales


South Australia and Northern Territory



Western Australia

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