ClinCAT - Getting started

What is ClinCAT?
Why undertake an ClinCAT assessment?
What resources can I use to prepare for a peer evaluation or develop a personal CPD plan?
Become an ClinCAT trained evaluator
Resources for evaluators

What is ClinCAT?

ClinCAT is the SHPA Clinical Competency Assessment Tool. The tool includes a collection of activities defined by national standards of clinical pharmacy practice that may be expected of a pharmacist practising at the general level.

Why undertake ClinCAT assessment?

Undertaking ClinCAT assessment:

  • guides your clinical practice
  • identifies your achievements as well as performance gaps
  • supports your professional  and career development
  • supports your personal CPD plan
  • is a CPD activity from which you can earn CPD credits, more
  • To reflect upon your practice by undertaking a self assessment, review How to perform a self assessment and ClinCAT assessment tool with evaluation

Review Your ClinCAT evaluation (members only) to understand how the ClinCAT tool can be used by peers to review your practice in the workplace.

View the ClinCAT assessment tool and assessment tool with evaluation.

What resources can I use to prepare for a peer evaluation or develop a personal CPD plan?

SHPA has a range of resources including CPD activities that may assist you including:

Become an ClinCAT trained evaluator

Registered pharmacists interested in becoming ClinCAT trained evaluator should review this Becoming an ClinCAT Trained Evaluator fact sheet. One of the key requirements is attendance at an ClinCAT seminar. Go to the Seminars page for information on the current seminar schedule.
Undertaking training to become an ClinCAT trained evaluator is a CPD activity that can be included in your CPD plan. More details here.
Pharmacists who attend a ClinCAT seminar and complete 3 ClinCAT evaluations in the workplace need to submit the following to become a ClinCAT Trained Evaluator:

These can be submitted to

Resources for evaluators

You can find resources for ClinCAT Trained Evaluators here. Use your login details provided to you when you attended the ClinCAT seminar.
As a ClinCAT Trained Evaluator, you will be eligible to share ideas and get support from fellow evaluators in the ClinCAT discussion forum - exclusive to ClinCAT evaluators. 
ClinCAT Trained Evaluators who have done at least 5 evaluations and wish to improve their feedback skills can participate in a ClinCAT Feedback Master Class.
Pharmacists who wish to revalidate their evaluator certificate after 5 years should complete the Application for revalidation form and submit it to SHPA at