Don't Rush to Crush

Don't Rush to Crush – 3rd edition

Australia’s essential guide to safely administering oral medicines to people with enteral feeding tubes or swallowing difficulties. When giving tablets and capsules to these patients, healthcare professionals need answers to these questions:

  • can I crush it?
  • can I disperse it?
  • can I open the capsule?
  • is there a liquid formulation?
  • can I give the injection orally?

The answers are available in SHPA’s Don’t Rush to Crush Handbook

Don't Rush to Crush is included in the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s list of essential references for pharmacy practice. The third edition includes 570 oral medicines, with 50 additions, and a new format enhancing focus on patient-centred care.

Based on feedback and to aid paediatric care, Don’t Rush to Crush 3 also includes a new section “What to do for doses less than a whole tablet” for selected medicines, assisting health professionals when giving very small doses, including instructions for preparing aliquots

It is available in the SHPA Bookshop, or online through eMIMSCloud and MIMS Online, and AusDI. Contact MIMS Client Services team on 1800 800 629 or AusDI sales on 1300 118 120

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3rd Edition updates and new drugs

How to give your medicines by enteral tube

Don't Rush to Crush's supplementary resource 'How to give your medicine by enteral tube' provides useful information and easy to follow instructions for administering medications through an enteral tube.

Don't Rush to Crush – 4th edition

The SHPA Publications team will soon commence work on the 4th edition of Don’t Rush to Crush in anticipation for publication late 2021.

SHPA welcomes feedback from those who use the Don’t Rush to Crush Handbook - nurses, pharmacists and others, about improvements in content and/or readability. Send your feedback to

2nd edition information and updates