SHPA Fellows at MM2017. 
Left to right: Marisa Hodgkinson, Karlee Johnston, Michelle Jenkins, Cathy Martin, Professor Michael Dooley, Dr Rochelle Gellatly, Susan Welch, Claire Fitzgerald, Dr Alice Gilbert, Melanie Morrow, & Jonathan Penm.

A Fellowship of SHPA is awarded to a member who has demonstrated a high level of post-graduate academic achievement in areas relevant to the practice of pharmacy, has a demonstrated active commitment to SHPA and the profession, and who is recognised as a leader of the profession, a member whose opinions are valued, recognised and sought.

Assessment of eligibility for elevation of new members to the status of Fellow of the Society is based on the member being able to satisfy the Fellowship criteria using a point scoring system.

For more information on the current Fellowship criteria or to apply for elevation to Fellowship please click here.


For over thirty years SHPA provided opportunity for its members to achieve academic advancement through the completion of post-graduate diplomas in hospital pharmacy administration and clinical pharmacy. Completion of both diplomas led to the member being eligible for elevation to the status of Fellow of the Society. These courses were effectively the only post-graduate education available to hospital pharmacists in their chosen profession and served SHPA members well.

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