From the President

The past 18 months have been a major watershed for SHPA. We have gone through a rigorous process of restructuring and reinvigorating our approach to the future. The members of the SHPA Council, conscious of the dynamics of changes within the profession and Australian health care in general, have established a clear statement of action priorities for 2016-2017.  

A member-based organisation such as SHPA draws its strength from our member base and the leading SHPA action priority is to continue to build our membership and to ensure a robust foundation, access and equity for membership benefits across all Australian states and territories. To support this, we are focused on redesigning our structure and committee functions so they align with our strategic plan to deliver the major initiatives that SHPA has committed to undertake. 

To underpin a quality education offering to all members, we have made a commitment to developing a quality website, digital CPD planning tools, and world class publications, including new publications by 2017. 

The environment in which our members practice is somewhat dependent on decisions made at federal government level. Hence, we have made a commitment to having a strong advocacy footprint in Canberra and to benchmark workforce and medicine utilisation to support our positioning and advocacy.

To support workforce transformation, we have undertaken a project focused on technician role redesign, allocated resources for the Residency Program and introduced Advanced Practice Support. By mid-next year we will have revised the SHPA Standards of Practice and our Performance Development Tools. 

The future of those we represent will continue to be underpinned by quality research. SHPA is establishing a National Translational Research Collaborative to guide our research activities and by early next year we will have grants released for early, mid and advanced career practitioners to undertake research projects.

Change is not easy but is sometimes necessary to protect the future of professions. SHPA is making significant, relevant changes that will have a powerful impact on the practice of our members over the next decade.  

Professor Michael Dooley
SHPA Federal President