Governance underpins SHPA’s capacity to achieve success on behalf of our members.  SHPA’s commitment to quality governance is the foundation for supporting an evolving, relevant future for hospital pharmacy.  It is core to contingency planning and developing organisational capacity to manage the political and market factors that increase or limit opportunities for members.

Our governance efforts provide support for members and directors to plan for a productive, successful future and for addressing issues and problems that arise from time to time. 

To establish a robust foundation for good governance, SHPA has developed the resources available below, and reports regularly on progress.  

Annual reports

SHPA’s 2016 Annual Report reports on the significant changes that have been undertaken between 1 July 2015 and 30 June 2016 to meet our members’ needs and aid in the achievement of our vision of excellence in medicines management.

2016 Annual Report

Please click here to view past Annual Reports.

Towards a contemporary constitution

Progress towards a new SHPA Constitution has been driven and informed by consultation with and feedback from members.

View information centre related to the member ballot held in September 2017.