Hospital pharmacy residency

The residency program project aims to establish a structured, formalised, supported and accredited national two-year residency program for pharmacists in their foundation years. Residency programs are routine in some other countries — the USA have had formal residency programs for more than 50 years. 

Residency programs:

  • utilise consistent resources and tools
  • ensure robust evaluation of practitioners
  • promote credibility amongst pharmacists and other health professionals
  • allow transferable skills and competence across practice sites. 

Importantly, a structured program of experiential learning in these foundation years is an important step that leads to other professional development pathways, such as advanced practice recognition. The establishment of an SHPA Residency Program will see a national program with a consistent set of competencies for residents to attain, yet retain flexibility and a ‘local flavour’ to each site.

Latest News
Residency Program Site Applications - accreditation outcomes
Standards, resources and tools
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Latest News

New residency program FAQs for residents available
A ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQs) document about hospital pharmacy residency is now available. The two page flyer is targeted at pharmacists thinking about a future residency and residents starting their program. Ideally, accredited residency programs should include it with their resident recruitment documentation or provide a copy to their residents when beginning their residency program. To access the FAQs document, see below under ‘Standards, resources and tools’.

Residency in the news!
SHPA’s Residency Program has made the ABC news in north Queensland. Speaking to the ABC, Townsville Hospital Senior Clinical Educator Stephen Perks said (about the SHPA Residency Program): “This provides the structure and support and guidance to get pharmacists from their intern year to the next stage and … working towards advanced level pharmacist practice." Sophie Mokrzecki, one of Townsville’s two residents for 2017-2018 said: “It provides the support that I probably wouldn't have got anywhere else and the opportunity to develop and become the best pharmacist I can be.” The full ABC article is here.

Accreditation outcomes 
All applicants who applied for accreditation as a Residency Program site have now been notified of all the outcomes of their accreditation application. For more information see below under ‘Standards, resources and tools’ 'Residency Program Site applications- accreditation outcomes.'

Residency Program Site Applications - accreditation outcomes

SHPA thanks all applicants for their detailed submissions; applications were clearly well planned and it was evident applicants had put a lot of thought into the preliminary design of their own residency programs.

SHPA has now undertaken a comprehensive review of all residency program site applications and evaluated their alignment with the SHPA Accreditation Standards for pharmacy residency programs.

The first tranche of provisionally accredited residency programs were announced on 2 November 2016. An initial 24 programs were granted provisional accreditation against the SHPA Accreditation Standards for pharmacy residency programs. A number of hospital pharmacy programs that were not initially accredited, were asked to submit additional information or to clarify some accreditation responses. 

On 1 December 2016, a further six residency programs have been accredited following this secondary accreditation evaluation.  

SHPA’s media release announcing accreditation outcomes on 2 November is available here.
SHPA’s media release announcing accreditation outcomes on 1 December is available here.
A list of provisionally accredited sites is available here

There are no accreditation fees for sites participating in the SHPA Residency Program. 

If you have any questions relating to your application, please contact Andrew Matthews, General Manager, Workforce Transformation; E: T: 0408 650 153

Standards, resources and tools 

Want to know more?

Residency Project: Andrew Matthews, General Manager, Workforce Transformation 
E: T: 0408 650 153

Residency Program Project Steering Committee

•    Supporting SHPA Councillor and Chair: Peter Fowler (Tas.) 
•    Two members of the SHPA Education Reference Group: Dan Guidone (Vic.); Cathy Martin (NSW)
•    Director/chief pharmacist of a hospital pharmacy department: Dr Ian Coombes (Qld)
•    Pharmacist with experience in training, education, preceptorship and/or professional development: Cameron Phillips (SA)
•    NAPSA representative nominated by NAPSA: Matthew Scott (Vic.)
•    Early career pharmacist: Catherine Brown (Vic.)
•    Pharmacist with expertise in ambulatory clinical services: Dr Chris Freeman (Qld)
•    Non-pharmacist health professional (Clinical Pharmacologist and General Physician): Prof Arduino Mangoni (SA)    

Project manager: Andrew Matthews

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