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shpa clinical Competency Assessment Tool      

shpaclinCAT is a competency framework designed by SHPA to support the professional development of Australian pharmacists.  For pharmacy teams it provides a platform for identifying strengths, professional development requirements, planning career progression and supporting documentation for re-registration. It was developed because there was no structured, formal and recognised process for reviewing and improving skills and knowledge for general level pharmacists within Australia.

A competency framework is a collection of competencies that are thought to be central to effective pharmacy performance. Competency frameworks can be used to support a range of different things. Typically, they are used to help with:

  • training and development
  • recruitment
  • performance review

Competency frameworks like shpaclinCAT benefit individual pharmacists, pharmacy departments, consumers and the profession by raising the standards and consistency of pharmacy practice, providing a quality assurance for pharmacy practice, identifying inadequacies in systems and processes, identifying professional development needs of pharmacists, and more. More in this background document.

SHPAclincat has been accredited by the Australian Pharmacy Council as a Group 2 CPD activity for individuals, as a Group 1 CPD activity for trainee evaluators, and as a Group 3 CPD activity for trained evaluators.

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Do you want to improve your clinical pharmacy skills?

Undertaking an shpaclinCAT assessment is a great way to start.  Here is what Mazdak Zamani said after his evaluation:

“Sometimes we forget what services we are expected to provide and end up developing our own very individual ways of practising clinical pharmacy. The shpaclinCAT tool simply reminded me of all the little things that I hadn’t been doing consistently. It is definitely a memory refresher...”

Go to the getting started page to find out what to do next.

Do you want to be an shpaclinCAT trained evaluator?

SHPA convenes shpaclinCAT seminars to train pharmacists as shpaclinCAT evaluators.  As an evaluator you are equipped to perform shpaclinCAT assessments.  

Here is some feedback from pharmacists who are now trained shpaclinCAT evaluators:

“Using the shpaclinCAT has been the highlight of my role as a pharmacy educator. It is a practical and meaningful way of teaching on the job, using a tried and true method. It also provides the opportunity to set some learning goals for each individual pharmacist: an educator’s dream come true!”

Evette Buono
(Senior Pharmacist - Education & Training, Sydney and South Western Sydney Local Health District)

“I am really enjoying the clinCAT assessments. I think having a process of equitable and transparent clinical supervision is a huge advantage for our profession.”

Cathy Martin
(Senior Pharmacist - Clinical Education and Training, HNE Pharmacy Services)

“The clinCAT has been a valuable resource for assisting less experienced hospital pharmacists to improve practice.  The information gathered has led to a redesign of clinical training sessions.  It has also been a great chance to encourage staff and to get feedback and ideas to improve our current practice, which can further enhance patient care.”

Senior Clinical Pharmacist

For more information about how shpaclinCAT could help your team contact SHPA’s CPD Advisor at

Go to the shpaclinCAT seminar page for more information.  

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