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Interest Groups

Interest Groups are an online community of SHPA members who have a common interest and are the entry level for SHPA’s Specialty Practice Streams.

Belonging to an Interest Group gives you targeted access to information about events, education, resources and networking to support the development of your expertise in the specialty. Enrolling in the discussion forum lets you tap into the expertise of fellow members and share your knowledge for the benefit of others. 

Interest Groups are an SHPA member benefit and are available to all SHPA members.

You need to belong to an Interest Group to be eligible to apply to join the Practice Group and to vote for the Leadership Committee in that stream. 

Use this webform to select which Interest Groups you would like to join. You may choose multiple Interest Groups.

We will send you a confirmation email to notify you after your request has been processed and if your enrolment has been successful, after which you will have access to the Specialty Practice portal, including resources, CPD, research and the discussion forum.


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