Juno Emerging Researcher Grant

Juno Pharmaceuticals is a local Australian and New Zealand business, focused primarily on hospital customers. Juno embraces innovation and continuous improvement, and is committed to supporting research and fostering learning, leading to improved patient outcomes and superior work environments. For more information, visit www.junopharm.com.au 

Up to $30,000 available

Utilising SHPA's National Translational Research Collaborative (NTRC), Juno Pharmaceuticals is proud to support emerging researchers in their quest to improve medicines safety through minimising harm from high-risk medicines. NTRC emerging researcher grants provide a 'next step' towards supporting larger future research projects. 

Applications are now closed for the 2018 grant.  

Area of focus and application criteria

Area of focus 

  • Minimising harm from high-risk medicines
  • While not limited to a strict group of medicines, as an example, the APINCH[1] group of medicines would be considered the type of medicines defined as high risk.
  • Address initiatives that directly improve patient safety in the clinical use of high-risk medicines
  • Outcomes should be directly translatable to clinical pratice
  • May lend itself to larger research studies assessing quality of patient care outcomes
  • Projects may include (for example) applied pharmacokinetics and therapeutic drug monitoring, dosing modifications and dose calculators, better identification of higher-risk patient groups using APINCH drugs, decision support tools, and other medication safety initiatives.

    [1] A: Anti-infectives e.g. amphotericin, vancomycin and aminoglycosides; P: Potassium (and other electrolytes); I: Insulin; N: Narcotics (and other sedatives) e.g. opioids, benzodiazepines and other sedating agents; C: Chemotherapeutic agents e.g. cytotoxic chemotherapy; H: Heparin (and all other anticoagulants, including NOACs)

Application criteria

The grant is targeted at emerging researchers who has demonstrated previous research experience and outcomes. Applicants must have evidence of winning previous small research grants or led previous projects and have proven outcomes via publication of at least one academic paper in a peer-reviewed journal.


An emerging researcher:

  • May have been awarded a small project grant as the Chief Investigator. A small project grant is defined as one valued at less than $30,000
  • Has successfully completed a grant, including all reporting and acquittal requirements
  • Has not been named as a Chief Investigator on a grant awarded over $30,000
  • Has not been awarded a Fellowship or any other salary support grant over $30,000


NOTE: The NTRC Research Grants Committee reserves the right to make the final judgement as to whether the applicant is considered an emerging researcher. This will be informed by the applicant’s grants history, publications, track record, qualifications, abstracts and conference presentations. 


Grant applicant and recipient obligations