Australia’s biggest ever ‘yellow book’ out now, ensuring safety and quality of injected medicines

Australia’s essential resource ensuring the safe administration of all injectable medicines has been comprehensively revised and updated, expanding to more than 500 injectable medicines at a time of unprecedented focus on medicines safety.

The eighth edition of the Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook (AIDH8), available today through SHPA’s new online bookshop – four months after Medicines Safety was confirmed as Australia’s latest National Health Priority Area by Health Minister Greg Hunt – includes information on more than 50 new medicines, and more than 150 monographs now include paediatric information.

SHPA Chief Executive Kristin Michaels says the release of AIDH8 is crucial to ensuring the safe and quality use of medicines in all care settings across Australia.

‘Informed by the medicines expertise of our members, SHPA’s AIDH provides Australian pharmacists, nurses and health professionals working across public and private hospitals, day procedure centres, infusion centres and aged care facilities with a comprehensive one-stop reference that supports best clinical practice and productivity.

‘As well as new paediatric information, AIDH8 features new sections on community-based parenteral antimicrobial therapy (CoPAT), smart pumps, flushing of IV lines and devices, and management of extravasation.’

Supporting the release of AIDH8, a ‘What’s new’ insert is included in every printed copy, detailing the edition’s significant changes.

Ms Michaels says access to up-to-date and vital information on injectable medicines is essential for all health professionals to minimise clinical risk on the frontline of patient care.

‘Every monograph has been reviewed by pharmacists and nurses to ensure information is correct, current and relevant to Australian practice; clear and concise preparation and administration instructions minimises the risk of incorrect preparation and medicine administration errors

‘For the first time, AIDH8 provides stability data for 21 antimicrobials most frequently used in Hospital in the Home (HITH) services or OPAT programs, crucial for ensuring the standard of care is no less than that provided in hospital.

‘We urge all health professionals to replace any out-of-date copies of AIDH, wherever medicines are injected, to ensure optimal patient care is informed by the very latest medicines information.’

To help ensure copies of AIDH8 are readily available in every hospital ward around the country, SHPA is offering bulk purchase discounts in addition to member pricing. New information from AIDH8 will automatically update through SHPA’s online product partners Medical Director and MIMS.

Download the media release.