The head and the heart: Unlocking the secrets to learning for life

Heralded by a stunning medical illustration on its cover, the Winter issue of Pharmacy Growth, Research, Innovation and Training (Pharmacy GRIT) has landed in letterboxes across Australia, with a focus on how curiosity and passion fuel learning in pharmacy from university through to retirement, and featuring a special student supplement ahead of the inaugural SHPA-NAPSA Student Symposium this week.

SHPA Chief Executive Kristin Michaels says the quarterly magazine, free to SHPA members, continues to push the boundaries in its Winter 2018 issue.

‘A cross-section of pharmacist and technician experiences shows how people are often propelled into pharmacy by their heart, before plotting their course driven by their head – and recapturing the initial spark of passion is the key to rewarding life long learning.

‘In the 20-page student supplement, our editorial team joined forces with NAPSA to bring readers a snapshot of the research being undertaken by students and interns across the country, showing what's possible when early-career energy is embraced by leadership.’

The Winter 2018 issue features a confronting and immersive guide to the challenges of the emergency resus setting, reflection on advancing technicians’ scope of practice in Australian and the United Kingdom, case studies on how the SHPA Residency Program can be augmented to best support rural and regional practice and support residents to experience leadership positions, and a guest editorial from award-winning community pharmacist Elise Apolloni on her Advancing Practice journey.

Ms Michaels says the release of the Winter Pharmacy GRIT comes amid building anticipation of the SHPA-NAPSA Student Symposium, to be held on Friday in Melbourne.

‘The overwhelming response to the symposium shows just how engaged and energised Australian pharmacy students are to maximise their impact on pharmacy practice and patient care by exploring the dynamic world of hospital pharmacy.

‘This is also a testament to the excellent program put together by the steering committee, covering all aspects of joining and thriving in this challenging and rewarding sector, from internships and Residency to governance and leadership; from building a pharmacy research career to developing and maintaining a practice portfolio for Advancing Practice credentialing.’

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