New monograph released to guide safe use of latest COVID-19 treatment

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) has streamlined access to information on the safe administration of a novel monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19 through its leading publication, the Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook (AIDH).

The release of the new AIDH monograph for sotrovimab comes two weeks after the treatment was granted provisional approval by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for use in Australia to mitigate severe harm from symptoms of COVID-19 infection requiring hospitalisation.

SHPA President Peter Fowler says the information is now live online and can be downloaded from the SHPA website as part of the September 2021 update to AIDH.

‘Informed by member expertise, the new AIDH monograph for sotrovimab features comprehensive information on its preparation and administration – as well as safe handling and patient monitoring advice – crucial for the safe and effective use of this novel treatment.

‘This provisional approval is important to give our hospital pharmacists, nurses and their medical colleagues a new way to keep people with COVID-19 infection well enough to avoid hospitalisation.

‘Access to information on sotrovimab in a clear and familiar format, among our 15 updates to AIDH released today, saves our frontline healthcare workers valuable time preparing and circulating specific administration guidelines for their hospital.

‘This is particularly important as the combination of rising COVID-19 cases and a period of anticipated vaccine roll-out thresholds reaches a critical crossover point in the coming two months, particularly in Sydney.’

Chief Executive Kristin Michaels says SHPA remains dedicated to upholding safe medicines practice in this uncertain time.

‘As we move through phases of the plan to transition Australia’s COVID-19 response, we will continue to see community transmission, new outbreaks of case clusters and COVID-19 related hospitalisations in the coming months.

‘By including new guidance specific to COVID-19 care as quickly as possible, SHPA is ensuring our indispensable AIDH resource continues to provide the most relevant information for health professionals, ensuring the safe and quality use of medicines in all care settings across Australia.’

The latest print version of AIDH (Eighth Edition) features information on more than 500 injectable medicines, including more than 50 new medicines, over 150 monographs with paediatric information and 21 antimicrobial monographs with stability information for Community-Based Parenteral Anti-Infective Therapy (CoPAT).

Download the media release.