Pandemic turning points as Pharmacy GRIT celebrates fourth year

Rounding out its fourth complete volume, the latest issue of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA)’s member magazine provides a snapshot of a profession at a crossroads, as a year of once-in-a-generation upheaval gives way to one of hope and promise.

Released last week and available via open online access, the latest Pharmacy GRIT welcomes the new year by challenging Australian hospital pharmacists and technicians to ask: What do we take forward, and what do we leave behind?

SHPA Chief Executive Kristin Michaels says members’ experiences reflect the national mood of cautious optimism.

‘Summer 2020-21 has been an inflection point for our profession, with intermittent, localised outbreaks and restrictions giving way to intense and complex preparations for the largest vaccination program in Australia’s history.

‘This shift affords hospital pharmacists and technicians a moment to look back and look forward – in this issue we learn how members are letting go of outdated practices and holding on to innovations forged in the crucible of 2020.’

The latest Pharmacy GRIT features a digest of achievements and adjustments made by Emergency Medicine pharmacists over the past 12 months (Welch, et al), exploration of disasters including bushfire, earthquake, infectious diseases and terrorism from a range of perspectives (McCourt), approaches to saying ‘no’, essential to ensure prioritisation in paper-based hospitals (Ahmadzai and Nguyen) and transparent reflections, for the greater good, on the failure of research project (Al Mahdy).

Ms Michaels says Pharmacy GRIT continues to prosper as it enters its fifth year of publication.

‘We’re so proud to maintain this high-quality hybrid of scientific content and features, providing an exclusive platform for members to publish their pharmacy research, articles and instructional papers, particularly earlier in their careers.

‘With our move to a fully integrated digital magazine, we are committed to open access to ensure the broadest possible reach for our member authors, assisting and inspiring pharmacists and health professionals within and beyond the hospital setting.

‘In essence, the growth of GRIT mirrors that of SHPA, as we continue to build and strengthen partnerships across the profession, with government and industry to ensure the safe management of medicines to keep Australians healthier, wherever they live.’

Download the media release.