Pharmacists as agents of change in latest Pharmacy GRIT

The latest issue the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA)’s member magazine showcases the characteristics held by pharmacists and technicians which make them powerful agents of change, with the Spring 2021 issue of Pharmacy GRIT now available via open online access.

SHPA Chief Executive Kristin Michaels says with a patient and forensic mind, leading pharmacists have the unique skills to delve into the intricacies of complex systems and find a better way forward.

‘Long accustomed to delivering in busy and cost-constrained environments, hospital pharmacists and their peers are conditioned to navigating complex processes, protocols, and hierarchies to achieve what they need for the people in their care.

‘In the latest issue of Pharmacy GRIT we celebrate members of our profession as progressive scrutineers, paradoxically finding the divine in the detail.

‘It is these characteristics that have made hospital pharmacists and technicians central to Australia’s largest ever public health initiative – the COVID-19 vaccination rollout – as well as innumerable innovations that have changed the face of medicines management.’

Issue highlights include SHPA members collaborating with a US-based improvement science advisor to articulate how pharmacists are particularly suited to driving change, not just in medicines management, but across health care.

In the same vein, the Pharmacy GRIT Editorial Committee leads a curated conversation around the possibilities and limitations of standardisation, canvassing the situation in six states and territories, and challenging pharmacists to consider the pros and cons.

In another sign of progress as part of the pandemic, members of SHPA‘s Cardiology Leadership Committee lead a feature on parents tackling leadership of pharmacy disciplines while juggling home life in the virtual space, effectively changing the face of parental leave. ‘The Overdose Detective’ provides a unique immersion feature, showcasing pharmacists’ skills as problem solvers through a suspected polypharmacy or polysubstance overdose case.

‘SHPA is proud to showcase our members’ expertise and provide open access to Pharmacy GRIT for healthcare professional nationwide’, says Ms Michaels.

‘We hope pharmacists everywhere are inspired to “embrace the intricate”.’

Download the media release.