Pharmacists shine as first Advancing Practice credentials awarded

Across the country members of the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) are among the first cohort of pharmacists to be credentialed as part of the Advancing Practice program, which provides independent recognition of professional impact and achievement in Australian pharmacy.

Of the 34 pharmacists credentialed in Round 1 of the program, 31 hold SHPA membership; SHPA Chief Executive Kristin Michaels congratulated this ‘first class’ of participants for embracing the leading program.

‘With an ageing population and more people using more medicines than ever before, it is essential Australia supports a more highly skilled, flexible and adaptable future pharmacy workforce.

‘Advancing Practice is a cornerstone of this effort, and SHPA is proud to lead investment in this crucial national program that objectively measures practitioners’ influence and impact on pharmacy practice to guide their ongoing development.

‘A warm congratulations to all SHPA members, and all pharmacists, who were credentialed in Round 1 – your achievement not only shows great commitment to self-development, but also dedication to innovative medicines management and patient care.’

Following portfolio evaluation, Advancing Practice credentials are awarded at three levels: Stage I Advancing Practice (conferring postnominals AdvPP[I]), Stage II Advancing Practice (AdvPP[II]) or Advanced Practice Pharmacist (Adv. Prac. Pharm.)

Paul Firman, Chair of the SHPA Queensland Branch says his Advancing Practice credentialing marks more than just the end of his portfolio-building journey.

‘When I opened my portfolio report yesterday the four months of gathering and presenting evidence felt immediately worthwhile – it is a very special opportunity to be able to have your career contributions expertly and objectively evaluated.

‘For me, the key word is “advancing” – the great benefit of gaining considered and textured feedback on every aspect of my portfolio is I now have a much clearer idea of what I want to improve, and where I want to go, than I’ve ever had before.’

Ms Michaels says Advancing Practice signals to the Australian community that the profession is practising at a high level.

‘With Round 2 evaluations underway, and Round 3 applications closed, it is exciting to see pharmacists everywhere embracing Advancing Practice as a robust and independent recognition process.

Whether practicing in community, hospital and consultant pharmacy, or across academia and research institutes, these participants are leading Australian pharmacy practice.’

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