Powering peer learning: SHPA’s Specialty Practice a pathway to CPD

In a huge boost for the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA)’s booming Specialty Practice, pharmacists who participate and share knowledge in forums across the 24 streams can earn continuing professional development (CPD) credits to help them meet the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s Registration Standard: Continuing Professional Development.

Open exclusively to members of SHPA, Specialty Practice provides a crucial peer-learning conduit for pharmacists to influence and drive education and innovation across 24 disciplines – including cardiology, emergency medicine, infectious diseases and pain management – across three levels of engagement.

SHPA Chief Executive Kristin Michaels says the collaborative format and simple translation into CPD  credits shows the value of Specialty Practice to Australian pharmacists as a platform for sharpening expertise.

‘The revitalisation of Specialty Practice by SHPA continues the legacy of 75 years of Australian pharmacy leadership and we are thrilled to be approaching 2,000 participants in the Interest Groups, Practice Groups and Leadership Committees across all streams, less than one year after launch.

‘The self-recording nature of forum posts means keeping track of CPD through Specialty Practice participation is straightforward, providing a complementary bonus to the core goal of improving and broadening pharmacy knowledge, expertise and competence.’

To ensure all pharmacists understand how they can earn Group 1, 2 and 3 CPD credits through Specialty Practice, a CPD Guide is now available at Specialty Practice online.

Ms Michaels says the strengthening of Specialty Practice comes at the perfect time for pharmacists keen to maximise their impact on pharmacy practice and patient care.

‘The Specialty Practice discussion forums are the lifeblood of the SHPA community, which comprises Australia’s leading pharmacists and technicians working in diverse and emerging roles across care settings.

‘The recent launch of Advancing Practice is a reminder that consistently documenting growing knowledge, experience and expertise is not only critical to maintaining registration, it builds a very useful pool of evidence to put into an Advancing Practice portfolio.’

Ms Michaels says as well as aiding personal development, the collective knowledge of committed pharmacists across all levels and streams is feeding into the development of new education offerings and advocacy efforts, including essential Standards of Practice.

For more information on Specialty Practice and the development of new and updated Standards of Practice, tune in to a special Purple Pen Podcast on Sunday 8 April 2018.

Across Specialty Practice, SHPA members can join Interest Groups and apply to join Practice Groups; Leadership Committees and respective Chairs were elected in late 2017.

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