Student Symposium 2018 to shape the future

With dual focus on individual career paths and the future shape of Australian pharmacy workforce, the Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) and the National Australian Pharmacy Students’ Association (NAPSA) today opened registrations for the SHPA-NAPSA Student Symposium 2018, to take place in Melbourne on Friday 13 July.

NAPSA President Sandra Minas says the inaugural one-day event – free to SHPA student members – features a dynamic program, crafted with student and pharmacist input, to give proactive students and interns considering a career in hospital pharmacy an edge.

‘The SHPA-NAPSA Student Symposium will cover all aspects of joining and thriving in the hospital pharmacy sector, from internships and Residency to governance and leadership; from building a pharmacy research career to developing and maintaining a practice portfolio for Advancing Practice credentialing.

‘With a strong line-up of local and international presenters, this is a rare chance for the next generation of leading pharmacists to consider every facet of entering hospital pharmacy in one setting.’

SHPA Chief Executive Kristin Michaels says the Student Symposium is a unique opportunity for pharmacy students to begin mapping a long and successful career contributing to improved health outcomes for Australian patients.

‘It is never too late to begin considering your pathway into the complex, challenging and rewarding hospital pharmacy environment, and SHPA is looking forward to energising student members to explore what their hospital pharmacy career could look like.

‘Student Symposium 2018 covers all angles, from entry pathways and landing the perfect job to embedding robust lifelong learning practices into every career stage.’

Ms Michaels says the ongoing alliance between SHPA and NAPSA is crucial as Australian pharmacists’ scope of practice continues to expand.

‘Our partnership will help today’s students shape tomorrow’s new and emerging roles and care models – within and beyond the hospital setting – ensuring they will be respected and valued for their engagement with policy makers, growing specialty expertise, and full contribution to patient care.’

The SHPA-NAPSA Student Symposium will feature the announcement of a new joint research project to establish baseline benchmarking of the prevalence and quality of pharmacy student hospital placements in Australia, and will be held a few weeks after a special supplement of student articles is released as part of a special issue of Pharmacy Growth, Research, Innovation and Training (Pharmacy GRIT) on lifelong learning.

‘The symposium and our other joint initiatives complement SHPA’s free student membership, event discounts and access to Specialty Practice interest groups in equipping students for the strongest possible start to their careers in pharmacy,’ Ms Michaels says.

Visit the SHPA-NAPSA Student Symposium 2018 online for more information or to register.

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