Technicians taking charge as new specialty launched

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) now boasts 30 specialties within its Specialty Practice program, with the formal introduction of the Technicians and Assistants stream following the first meeting of its Leadership Committee yesterday, in which Tara Clayson-Fisher was announced as inaugural Chair.

The Committee comprises all members of the former National Pharmacy Technician Network (NPTN), with the new stream benefiting from the platforms, forums, support and advocacy opportunities of SHPA Specialty Practice.

Ms Clayson-Fisher says the transition from NPTN to the new stream will maintain momentum in this important space.

‘As with NPTN, the new Leadership Committee will have majority technician members and be chaired by an SHPA Technician Member, which is important to our visibility as a vital part of the hospital pharmacy workforce.

‘Importantly though, the stream as a whole is newly open to the entire SHPA membership, allowing all practitioners with an interest and passion to get involved, enabling the Leadership Committee to harness a broader range of views and experiences across states and territories in shaping its activities.

‘The new stream is not only for technicians, it is about technicians, and we encourage any pharmacist interested in developing and optimising their role as part of hospital pharmacy services to self-enrol in our Interest Group via SHPA Online CPD and, subsequently, apply for the Practice Group to help build understanding and shape our impact.’

Trudy Teasdale, SHPA Board Director and member of the Leadership Committee, says the formation of the new stream is an important step in empowering Australia’s hospital pharmacy technicians and assistants.

‘This transition comes eight months after the release of the Standard of Practice for Pharmacy Technicians to support Clinical Pharmacy Services, which outlines how – with appropriate education, training and competency assessment – pharmacy technicians can undertake a range of ward-based administrative, supply, technical and cognitive activities.

‘Across the country former NPTN members will continue to play a key role on their Branch Committees, ensuring the voice of this cohort is considered in the planning and delivery of all branch activity, and Technician Members already feature on a number of other Leadership Committees across the 30-strong Specialty Practice program.

‘As always, SHPA is committed to providing unique professional opportunities for our technicians and assistant members.’

Download the media release.