Application for NTRC membership (individual members)

The National Translational Research Collaborative (NTRC) is a virtual membership hub enabling real-life connections supporting the establishment and expansion of research projects:

  • within and between hospitals, universities and research institutes
  • between starting and established pharmacy researchers and other health professionals.

Individual members gain access to:

  • key research development information and resources via the NTRC’s online portal
  • review, feedback and endorsement of research proposals through the NTRC’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)
  • advice and access to grants and funding opportunities, including practitioner research development grants, through the NTRC’s Research Grants Committee (RGC)
  • on-site research support through NTRC liaisons (at hospitals, universities and medical research organisations with organisational membership)

Membership is open to all, regardless of research experience. The membership application asks a range of questions about research background, experience, support and current projects, takes 10-15 minutes to complete, and helps us tailor the types of NTRC services and communications we provide to you. We also establish some baseline characteristics of hospital pharmacy research capability and capacity in Australia to better target broader services and support NTRC delivers. Collated, de-identified data may be used by SHPA in external promotion and publication of hospital pharmacy research capacity.

For assistance completing your membership application or for queries regarding NTRC contact: Natalie Pollock, RGC Administrative Officer,

SHPA operates in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles. For more information about SHPA and our respect for your privacy, see our SHPA Privacy Policy
NTRC membership is open to SHPA members. Non-members are encouraged to apply and will be considered under Associate Member clauses in the SHPA Constitution.

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Workplace employer address
Details of the Director of Pharmacy /Chief Pharmacist /Department or Unit Head (or Head of Department, if not a pharmacy)
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