Other pharmacy resources

Emergency Medicine

These lists of Australian publications and presentations have been compiled by the Chair of the Emergency Medicine Committee of Specialty Practice, Susie Welch. These documents may assist to locate interesting papers and/or contact colleagues who use emergency department services.

Publications: Australian Emergency Department Pharmacist publications   

Presentations: Australian Emergency Department Pharmacist presentations 

Resources: The Emergency Pharmacist Research Center website

NSW Health Safety Alert Broadcast System (SABS)

Developed for use in NSW but useful for pharmacists in all regions, NSW Health's Safety Alert Broadcast System (SABS) was adapted from the UK's National Health Service Safety Alert Broadcast System. Its aim is to provide a systematic approach to the distribution and management of patient safety information to NSW health services. Each alert specifies action to be taken by health services, the timeframe in which such action must occur, and specific responsibility for the actions.

The NSW Health's Safety Alert Broadcast System (SABS) website provides a register of alerts. 


NSW Hospital Pharmacy Internships guide

Written and compiled by the SHPA NSW Branch, the SHPA Students' Guide to Hospital Pharmacy Internships in NSW has been created as an aide to support students applying for NSW hospital pharmacy internship positions. The guide includes an overview of public and private hospital across NSW, advice on applying for internships in NSW and in other states, inteview tips and an overview of SHPA member benefits for pharmacy interns.