Plan and record your CPD

Pharmacists are required to have a CPD learning plan identifying areas requiring professional development (based on competency standards relevant to your scope of practice) and suggestions for activities that can be undertaken to meet your professional development needs.

SHPA has professional practice profiles to help you identify the competency standards relevant to your scope of practice and a learning plan template to assist with CPD planning.

Recording your CPD is easy with SHPA’s automatic CPD recording tool.
The recording tool enables you to:

  • Record all your CPD activities
  • Meet all the Pharmacy Board requirements for recording CPD
  • Automatically record activities you do through eCPD
  • Add external activities to your record
  • Upload evidence to support your CPD records
  • Allow you to sort your CPD records by CPD group and completion date
  • Calculate your total CPD credits and your total claimable CPD credits
  • Provide a link to your CPD summary table to external parties

Reflection is both the first and last step in CPD planning.

Reflecting on your practice allows you to:

  • Determine your scope of practice to assess against the competency standards when developing your learning plan
  • Identify areas that need developing

Reflecting on the CPD activities you undertake gives you the opportunity to:

  • Think about your learnings from the activity
  • Consider how the activity will impact on your practice moving forward
  • Decide how the activity fits into your learning plan.

SHPA’s CPD recording tool allows you to document your reflections and tie your CPD activities and learning plan together.

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