Pharmacy GRIT - Volume 5, Issues 1-2 (Autumn–Winter 2021 Special Issue)

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Welcome to the Autumn–Winter 2021 Special Issue of Pharmacy GRIT

Immerse yourself in Pharmacy GRIT's new online reading experience, exploring this special issue dedicated to our members' innovative contributions to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

What a moment for hospital pharmacy. Exhausted from a year of strain – with every SHPA member affected by the pandemic, and many looking after critically ill COVID-19 patients – the vaccination rollout has been a challenge thrown down to pharmacy departments that would leave any profession dazed. Yet, at the core of the biggest public health challenge in a century, hospital pharmacy has made its unique and immense value shine more than ever. We hope this issue goes some way in reflecting your light.

Open Pharmacy GRIT, vol. 5, issues 1-2 (Autumn–Winter 2021) 

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