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Foundation Residency Program

SHPA’s Foundation Residency Program is the first and only structured, formalised, supported and accredited national pharmacy residency program in Australia.

This two-year professional development program provides practice-based experiential training targeted at early career pharmacists, or pharmacists entering hospital pharmacy practice after working in other pharmacy environments.

Residents - take the lead

Pharmacists who integrate earlier into real-world hospital environments gain the skills and adaptability to strengthen and diversify their career paths.

SHPA residency supports pharmacist practitioner development towards competence and performance aligned with Stage 1 (Transition Level) of the Australian Advanced Pharmacy Practice Framework and provides an important springboard to other professional development pathways, such as advanced practice recognition. 

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Accreditation to the Australia-first program ensures sites have the commitment, capacity and capability to offer a broad range of practice-based experiences to hospital pharmacy residents.  SHPA residency gives sites access to the support and leadership they need to design and build curriculum relevant to theirs and their residents needs. 

The importance of foundation training infrastructures is emphasised in Goal 2 of the International Pharmaceutical Federation’s (FIP) ‘ Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goals ’.

Accredited programs
Resources and tools
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Accredited programs

A list of programs is available here. Programs currently holding provisional accreditation are subject to SHPA site visits in late 2018/early 2019.  

Resources and tools 

A suite of resources, learning tools and information is available for sites, leads, preceptors and residents through SHPA's Residency Program Hub

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