Residency Program accreditation

Accreditation to the SHPA Residency Programs ensures hospital sites have the commitment, capacity and capability to offer a broad range of practice-based experiences to pharmacy Residents. 

SHPA Residency accreditation gives sites access to the support and leadership they need to design and build curriculum relevant to theirs and their Residents’ needs.

Accreditation Standards Revision

The SHPA Accreditation Standards for Pharmacy Residency Programs are currently being revised in the lead up to the Advanced Training Residency Program launch at Medicines Management 2019, the 45th SHPA National Conference on the Gold Coast on Friday 15 November 2019.

The revised standards will be comprised of:

  • Core Accreditation – for the health service and its pharmacy department to become an SHPA-accredited Residency Site
  • Program Approval* – for the SHPA-accredited Residency Site to deliver a residency pathway (Foundation Residency, Advanced Training Residency pathway).

*Sites currently accredited for Foundation Residency require only Program Approval to become an Advanced Training Residency site.