Advanced Training Residency

Are you ready to take the next step? SHPA is currently developing its Advanced Training Residency (ATR) Program, the next stage in structured and accredited national training programs for hospital pharmacists.

Consultation on the Common ATR Framework has now closed. The ATRs will be launched at Medicines Management 2019 (MM2019), the 45th SHPA National Conference. 

What does the program offer Residents?

Ideal for practitioners with 3–7 years of foundation hospital experience, this two-year program will give Residents the opportunity to:

How will the program be structured?

SHPA has developed a core framework which will support development across all practice areas. It was made available to SHPA members for consultation in September 2019.

The core framework includes:

  • an outline of the core features pharmacy departments require in order to deliver an ATR pathway
  • activities and workplace-based assessments to support and demonstrate the Resident’s attainment of the required knowledge, skills, experience and behaviours to practice at a level equivalent to Advancing – Stage II
  • tools and templates to support the program.

Practice Area Pathways

The ATR program will launch with an initial four model Practice Area Pathways:

  1. Oncology and Haematology
  2. Geriatric Medicine
  3. Medicines Information
  4. Critical Care

Further pathways will be developed in 2020, however hospitals may deliver their own training ATR program in practice areas outside these pathways by adapting SHPA’s core framework.


Apr 2019SHPA commences development of the ATR Common Framework and Tools
Aug 2019

SHPA recruits three specialist pharmacists to assist with developing the following ATR Practice Area Pathways:

  • Geriatric Medicine
  • Cancer Services
  • Medicines Information
Oct 2019

ATR Common Framework and Tools released to SHPA members for consultation

Specialist pharmacists developing knowledge guides and contextualised frameworks for their specific ATR Practice Area Pathways with input from Specialty Practice Leadership Committees

SHPA reviewing accreditation standards and application process for Residency Programs. New standards will be comprised of:

  1. Residency – Core Accreditation
  2. Program Approval:
  • Foundation Residency 
  • Advanced Training Residency pathways
Nov 2019Advanced Training Residencies will launch at the MM2019 conference
Dec 2019Applications for ATR pathways open to hospitals