Foundation Residency

SHPA’s Foundation Residency Program is Australia’s first and only structured, formalised, supported and accredited national pharmacy residency program.

The importance of foundation training infrastructures is emphasised in Goal 2 of the International Pharmaceutical Federation’s (FIP) ‘Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goals’.

What does the program offer Residents?

This two-year professional development program provides:

  • practice-based experiential training targeted at early career pharmacists, or pharmacists entering hospital pharmacy practice via other pharmacy environments
  • pharmacist practitioner development towards competence and performance aligned with Stage 1 (Transition Level) of the Australian Advanced Pharmacy Practice Framework
  • an important springboard to other professional development pathways, such as advancing practice recognition.

Compulsory education components

There are two compulsory education components Residents must complete while participating in the program:

  1. Residents are required to attend the SHPA Extension Seminar (or Masterclass if deemed appropriate by the Residency Program Leader) in Clinical Medication Management in the first year, and
  2. an SHPA Extension Seminar or Masterclass relevant to their CPD plan in the second year.

Other seminars may replace the SHPA seminar in the second year of residency only if: 

  • the replacement seminars have as many hours of learning  
  • the seminars are workshop-based or focused on interactive learning.

Book a place at one of our seminars or find out more at SHPA Events.

How do I become a Foundation Resident?

Your first step is to obtain a position in an accredited workplace. SHPA does not allocate or appoint Residents. Some sites advertise Residency positions specifically, others appoint Residents from a pool of existing staff members.

If you are a Foundation Resident, click here to register with SHPA. Registration provides you access to a suite of resources and tools through SHPA’s Residency Program Hub (see 'Resources and tools')