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SHPA recognises there is a need to build capacity and develop advanced practice roles in integrated care, not just in the pharmacist workforce but also through developing and expanding the scope of practice of pharmacy technician and assistant roles. 

Consistent with international strategies outlined by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) in its Pharmaceutical Workforce Development Goals, SHPA has established a Pharmacy Technician and Assistant Role Redesign within Australian Hospitals Project.

A Project Report White Paper and short summary was released at the 2016 SHPA Medicines Management Conference.

Phase I: Project summary

In 2016, Phase I of the project reviewed the current roles of hospital pharmacy technicians and assistants, and identified variations in scope of practice, and barriers to changes in scope.

Phase I included a literature review; a review of supporting frameworks and additional primary research including a national survey, three focus groups, six structured interviews with key stakeholders, and four case studies of innovative practice. The national survey received 154 responses representing 170 hospital pharmacies.

The White Paper provides 5 key recommendations to progress greater utilisation of pharmacy technicians/assistants.

Phase II: Project

SHPA is progressing Phase II of the Redesign Project with funds provided by SHPA's Board of Directors to deliver on Recommendations 1 and 2 from the White Paper. The Terms of Reference for Phase II are available here.

Phase II Pharmacy Technician Role Redesign Steering Committee
  • Supporting SHPA Councillor and Chair: Trudy Teasdale (Qld.)
  • National Pharmacy Technician Network Chair (NPTN): Lorah Hickman (Vic.)
  • Pharmacy Technician member of SHPA: Jade Carter (WA)
  • Pharmacist or pharmacy technician with a background in education and training: Dr Lisa Pont (NSW)
  • Rachael Raleigh (Qld.)
  • Dr Andreia Bruno (Vic.)

Additional resources

For more information about pharmacy technician training go to Pharmacy Technician Training and Courses.

International resouces on pharmacy technician and assistant workforce

International study: Technicians and pharmacy support workforce cadres working with pharmacists; an introductory global descriptive study. This report was commissioned by the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) Board of Pharmaceutical Practice and provides a global picture of how pharmacy support workforce groups work with pharmacists in the delivery of pharmaceutical services. It examines the global variation in workforce practice in roles and competency; responsibilities; supervision; education and legislation/regulation. The FIP report is available here

United Kingdom: A workforce study with similar focus as the SHPA redesign project has been conducted by the School of Pharmacy at the University of East Anglia in collaboration with the Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK (APTUK). The final report from their research study (published 8 October 2016) on the role of Pharmacy Technicians in the UK is available here.

New Zealand: In 2014- 2015, the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand, on behalf of Health Workforce NZ, undertook a successful project to investigate the viability of introducing pharmacy accuracy checking technicians (PACT) into the NZ pharmacy workforce. A pharmacy accuracy checking technician is one who has been trained and certified to carry out the final accuracy check on a dispensed item. More information is available here.

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