What's in it for pharmacy managers?

Consider implementing shpaclinCAT in your pharmacy department as it:

  • Facilitates consistency in practice
  • May improve performance for all team members
  • Supports patient safety
  • Identifies good practice/problems/gaps
  • Informs/facilitates system wide improvements
  • Adds rigour to peer review process
  • Informs CPD strategy
  • Supports training and accelerates development of new and current staff
  • SHPA has designed this shpaclinCAT Organisational Readiness Checklist (members only) to help pharmacists and their managers determine their readiness to implement shpaclinCAT evaluations in their workplace. Departments are encouraged to use the findings to tailor their implementation plan and communication strategy for shpaclinCAT to their specific organisational context.

NOTE: Each pharmacy department will have a different organisational readiness profile. Not all processes need to be established to implement shpaclinCAT, although time resources and support of senior management will be important success factors for most sites.

To learn more about how shpaclinCAT is rolled out, read these case studies on implementing shpaclinCAT and the results of the pilots.