Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook

Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook - 8th Edition coming February 2020! 

AIDH provides up-to-date and vital information on more than 500 injectable medicines and is an essential frontline resource ensuring patient safety and quality care. 

For more than 20 years, AIDH has provided health professionals with respected, evidence-based information in a comprehensive one-stop reference, assisting with best clinical practice and productivity. 

The new 8th edition has been completely revised and includes:  

  • information on more than 50 new medicines. 
  • new paediatric information for more than 50 medicines. 

New sections include: 

  • community-based parenteral antimicrobial therapy (CoPAT). 
  • management of extravasation. 

Accessing the Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook online
Did you know that if your hospital or university has an HCN (Health Communications Network) subscription and you can use the hospital or university’s wi-fi on your device, you can access the Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook? You can access information on more than 400 injectable drugs in the palm of your hand—on the ward, at the patient’s bedside, out visiting a patient, or anywhere! Open your browser and go to
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AIDH 7th edition information and updates