The Clinical Competency Achievement Tool (ClinCAT®) is a competency framework that supports Australian pharmacists training and development, recruitment and performance reviews, while benefiting individual pharmacists, pharmacy departments, consumers and the profession by:

  • raising the standards and consistency of pharmacy practice
  • providing quality assurance for pharmacy practice
  • identifying inadequacies in systems and processes
  • identifying professional development needs of pharmacists, and more.

The ClinCAT® achievement tool includes activities defined by national standards of clinical pharmacy practice expected of a pharmacist practising at the general level. ClinCAT® seminars train pharmacists as evaluators and equip them to perform evaluations.

ClinCAT® is accredited by the Australian Pharmacy Council as a Group 2 CPD activity for individuals, as a Group 1 CPD activity for trainee evaluators, and as a Group 3 CPD activity for trained evaluators.

Want to improve your clinical pharmacy skills?

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“Sometimes we forget what services we are expected to provide and end up developing our own very individual ways of practising clinical pharmacy. The ClinCAT® tool simply reminded me of all the little things that I hadn’t been doing consistently. It is definitely a memory refresher...”

Want to become a ClinCAT® trained evaluator?

SHPA convenes ClinCAT® seminars to train pharmacists as ClinCAT® evaluators. As an evaluator you are equipped to perform ClinCAT® evaluations.  

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“Using the ClinCAT® has been the highlight of my role as a pharmacy educator. It is a practical and meaningful way of learning on the job, using a tried and true method. It also provides the opportunity to set some learning goals for each individual pharmacist: an educator’s dream come true!”