Accredited Pharmacists

Statement on postnominals

Friday 10 June 2022 

As one of two national accrediting bodies, SHPA reaffirms its commitment to recognising and supporting the unique expertise of Accredited Pharmacists, and the crucial role they play upholding quality use of medicines and medication safety for patients who are at risk of medication-related harm and hospitalisation.

SHPA remains proudly independent and patient-centred, guided by clinical evidence and the experiences of our members, who provide care directly to Australia’s most vulnerable and acutely unwell.­­

Our Specialty Practice program includes the streams of Geriatric Medicine and Transitions of Care and Primary Care (TCPC), as part of a unique framework wrapping pharmacists and technicians in networks of CPD, expertise and support, while enabling specialist hospital pharmacy expertise to shape the profession, policy and practice. All seven of our TCPC Leadership Committee members are Accredited Pharmacists.

SHPA recognises the majority of medication reviews undertaken by Accredited Pharmacists are for older Australians. For numerous years SHPA has advocated for embedding expert aged care pharmacists into aged care, detailed as part of our ‘Standard of practice in geriatric medicine for pharmacy services’, developed with input from the Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine (ANZSGM) and published in 2020.

SHPA will continue to advocate for the need for pharmacists with specific geriatric medicine expertise to work as part of interdisciplinary teams to improve the safety and quality of care for older Australians in hospitals, residential aged care facilities and in the community.

In this spirit, we extend an invitation to all accredited pharmacists to join SHPA, through which we will recognise your existing accreditation and confer the postnominal ‘AcSHP’.

For Accredited Pharmacist Members, SHPA will facilitate a pathway to re-accreditation that is cognisant of the skills and experience required to provide optimal pharmacy care for patients most at risk of medication-related harm and requiring a medication review.


As always, SHPA’s priority is to ensure quality care for patients, in recognition of Accredited Pharmacists’ expertise, and we invite any concerned Accredited Pharmacists to discuss membership options or the future of credentialling with us, via

SHPA Recognition Process for AACP Accredited Pharmacists

Please see FAQs below for information on SHPA membership and transferring and retaining your accreditation.

Yes, if you are currently accredited by AACP to perform medication reviews and wish to transfer to SHPA, you will need to become an SHPA member.


In 2022/23 SHPA full pharmacist membership costs $594 (incl. GST).

When you join SHPA, you will need to provide your current AACP certificate showing the expiration date.

If you are an SHPA member who would like to have their AACP accreditation recognised by SHPA, please complete the transfer form.

For annual re-accreditation all accredited pharmacists (SHPA and AACP) will need to provide:  

  • Evidence of current pharmacist registration with AHPRA 
  • Evidence of completing at least 60 CPD credits (of which no more than 10 credits are Group 1). Applicants will have to submit their CPD learning plan as well as their CPD record. SHPA members have access to CPDCentral to assist with CPD planning and recording 

Pharmacists currently accredited through SHPA will be asked to make a written commitment confirming their intention to maintain BCGP or BCPS certification 

Pharmacists accredited through AACP will be asked to provide the date that they would be next due to sit the AACP re-accreditation exam.

No, there is no expectation that pharmacists accredited through AACP complete the BCGP or BCPS exam to maintain their accreditation with SHPA. 

SHPA will facilitate a pathway to re-accreditation that is cognisant of the skills and experience required to provide medication reviews.

If you are due to sit your re-accreditation exam within the next three months, you can join SHPA, and we will provide you with an extension of your current accreditation.

Yes, the new re-accreditation pathway will be open to pharmacists currently accredited with SHPA.

SHPA will undertake a consultative process to develop the re-accreditation pathway. This will involve accredited pharmacists and other relevant stakeholders such as GP’s and RACFs.

Currently annual re-accreditation costs $170 incl. GST for SHPA members. 

Fees charged by SHPA are subject to change without notice.

It is likely there will be a cost associated with the new re-accreditation pathway. SHPA will provide information on this as the pathway is developed.

All accredited pharmacists will be issued an SHPA accreditation number and an accreditation certificate and will be able to use the post-nominal AcSHP.  

Each year on completion of annual re-accreditation requirements, SHPA will issue a re-accreditation certificate.

No, as one of the two recognised accrediting bodies, SHPA will provide your details to PPA so you can claim for providing reviews.