Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook: 9th Edition updates

The Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook provides up-to-date and vital information on more than 500 injectable medicines and is an essential frontline resource ensuring patient safety and quality care.

Updated information and new monographs from the ninth edition can be found here.

Important new or changed information affecting administration,  stability or compatibility. We recommend printing and replacing these pages in your hard copy of  AIDH 9.


Benzathine benzylpenicllin





These new medicine monographs are added to AIDH 9 online. These monographs are not included in the print copy of AIDH 9, including reprints. 

Andexanet alfa



Enfortumab vedotin


Fosnetupitant & palonosetron


Nivolumab & relatlimab




March 2024

New drugs enfortumab vedotin, fosnetupitant and palonosetron (Akynzeo IV), nivolumab and relatlimab (Opdualag), progesterone, and tirzepatide.

Updated availability information for adalimumab, albumin, palifermin, and zoledronic acid.

Updated monitoring information for calcium salts

New CoPAT stability information for aztreonam, and cefiderocol

Updated administration advice for cetuximab

Minor editorial updates to ceftriaxone, and palonosetron

December 2023

Medicines shortage advice for benzathine benzylpenicillin

New drugs andexanet alfa, difelikefalin, dostarlimab, faricimab, lenacapavir, and vosoritide

Updated availability information for carboprost, daptomycin, and pemetrexed

Medicine shortages availability advice for dipyridamole, fludarabine, and mycobacterium bovis

Updated stability information for chorionic gonadotropin, dacarbazine, fulvestrant, natalizumab, and omalizumab

New compatibility information for oxycodone (Hartmann’s)

Addition of infusion equipment requirements for plitidepsin

Clarification of diluent for sodium valproate in status epilepticus

Clarification of soy as source of lecithin in benzathine benzylpenicillin (Bicillin-LA)

Updates to imipenem-cilastatin, and isavuconazole in response to user feedback

Summary of medicines requiring non-PVC and/or DEHP-free containers and infusion sets.

September 2023

Aciclovir (addition of powder presentation)

Phenylephrine (addition of Accord brand)

Aciclovir (addition of powder presentation)

Adamilumamb (addition of new biosimilars)

Albumin (Alburex 5% replaces Albumem 4%)

Aztreonam (new CoPAT stability information)

Benzathine benzylpenicillin (medicines shortage advice)

Calcium chloride and calcium gluconate (updated monitoring advice)

Carboprost (addition of Australian-registered products)

Cefiderocol (new CoPAT stability information)

Ceftriaxone (link to ANMF)

Cetuximab (updated administration advice)

Chorionic gonadotropin (updated stability)

Dacarbazine (updated stability)

Daptomycin (addition of Lupin, Pfizer products)

Dipyridamole (addition of S19A products)

Fludarabine (addition of S19A products)

Fulvestrant (updated stability)

Imipenem-cilastatin (updated concentration range)

Isavuconazole (addition of prodrug equivalence information)

Mycobacterium bovis (addition of S19A products)

Natalizumab (updated stability)

Omalizumab (updated stability)

Oxycodone (updated compatibility and stability)

Palifermin (updated presentation)

Palonosteron (addition of hypersensitivity reports)

Pemetrexed (addition of concentrated solution presentation)

Phenylephrine (addition of Accord brand)

Plitidepsin (clarification of container and infusion-set requirements)

Sodium valproate (updated compatibility)

Zoledronic acid (addition of new brand and indication for use)