Pharmacy Forecast Australia

Pharmacy Forecast Australia is an annual strategic thought leadership piece on emerging trends and phenomena projected to impact pharmacy practice and the health of Australian patients over the ensuing five years, developed by SHPA utilising ‘wisdom of crowds’ methodology. 

The yearly research report arose from the success of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists’s (ASHP) Pharmacy Forecast which, over the past decade, has grown to become a key feature of the society’s educational landscape. Pharmacy Forecast Australia aims to equip hospital pharmacy departments to proactively position themselves and their teams for potential future events and trends with contextualised recommendations by the report’s authors.

Pharmacy Forecast Australia is a stimulant to prompt discussion that assists health system leaders in their strategic planning efforts and in their mission to provide optimal care for patients and advancing the profession of pharmacy.

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SHPA acknowledges ASHP as joint copyright holders of Pharmacy Forecast Australia 2021 and Pharmacy Forecast Australia 2022 and thanks Omnicell, Pharmacy Forecast Australia support partner.

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