Summer 2017-18 - Pharmacy GRIT

Once logged-in, SHPA members can view the Summer 2017-18 (Volume 1, Number 4) issue of Pharmacy GRIT below, in a flipbook format. For ease of reading, you can launch a fullscreen version by clicking the fullscreen symbol in the bottom righthand corner of the flipbook viewer. Members can also download the issue as a PDF, by clicking on the "download arrow" in the top lefthand corner of the viewer.

Highlights of the Summer issue include:

  • Can a pharmacist have work-life satisfaction in 2018? We meet five SHPA members who have added brilliance to the profession, despite significant life pressures
  • The 7-Day Hospital: Lessons from Logan Hospital's move to extended hours clinical pharmacy services
  • Pharmacy amid the debris: Mel Morrow shows GRIT what a pharmacist can contribute to largescale disaster responses
  • Robot realities and clinical opportunities: A hospital move, embracing automation, and expanding clinical roles – Ashley Crawford tells us how one hospital did these all at once
  • Meet Paula Caird, a trailblazing tech who illuminates the purchasing challenges of today
  • The Tonic: what are pharmacists good at, other than pharmacy? Games, puzzles, and micromanagement

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