Autumn 2018 - Pharmacy GRIT

Once logged-in, SHPA members can view the Autumn 2018 (Volume 2, Number 1) issue of Pharmacy GRIT in flipbook format. Launch a fullscreen version by clicking the symbol in the bottom righthand corner of the flipbook viewer. Download the issue as a PDF by clicking on the "download arrow" in the top lefthand corner of the viewer.

Highlights of the Autumn issue include:

  • A Bigger Picture: when we zoom out from medicines shortages, we see frontline ingenuity, hear louder member voices, and understand the industry perspective
  • The post-transplant tightrope: there's no wiggle room when using immunosuppressants, especially amid PBS changes, delicate research, and patients' lives
  • Transforming the surgical patient experience: James Brinton shares with us the story of a revolutionary app's creation, and opens the door for pharmacy to get involved
  • Developing an Anticoagulation Stewardship Pharmacist position – a "how to" guide for your hospital, and another way for you to significantly impact patient care
  • A new role for pharmacists in residential aged care? Nicole McDerby describes the problem and the possible solution
  • Meet Elizabeth Hart, Immunology & Infectious Diseases Technician, and wearer of many hats!
  • Is A-PINCH still enough? Or is a new approach to high-risk medicines required?

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