About hospital pharmacy

Hospital pharmacy gives you the opportunity to work in a supportive team and to be actively involved in patient care.

It offers variety, both in the roles you can have, such as clinical or management, and in the types of hospitals you can work in—city or country, small or large, general or specialist.

Working in a hospital is an option at any stage of your pharmacy career; some pharmacists start out in hospital practice while others move into it later for a different pharmacy experience.

Any registered pharmacist can work in a hospital—you don’t need additional qualifications, nor do you need to have done your internship in a hospital. In a hospital, you work in an environment where you are supported while you pick up new skills, regardless of the stage of your pharmacy career. The broad array of skills that you develop working in a hospital is highly sought after in other practice settings.

As a hospital pharmacist, you are rewarded for your skills. Pharmacists in public hospitals receive a competitive salary package, including generous overtime, leave loading and many other attractive benefits and conditions. A unique benefit is the ability to retain entitlements such as long-service and sick leave when moving from one public hospital to another. Hospital pharmacy offers a career path with opportunities for promotion. It also offers flexibility, with about one third of hospital pharmacists currently working part time.

Being a pharmacist in a hospital means

  • Being a highly respected healthcare professional
  • Being part of a team
  • Working in an interesting, exciting and stimulating workplace
  • Having a secure and stable job with a career path, attractive benefits and conditions and flexibility
  • Making a difference—to others and you

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