SHPA announces PharmCare Conference 2023: For accredited, onsite aged care and GP pharmacists in Hobart

SHPA announces PharmCare Conference 2023: For accredited, onsite aged care and GP pharmacists in Hobart

The Society of Hospital Pharmacists of Australia (SHPA) has announced the dates and location for PharmCare Conference 2023, Australia’s new conference for accredited, embedded and General Practice pharmacists leading patient-centred care, 2-4 March 2023 in Hobart, Tasmania.

SHPA President Peter Fowler says the new PharmCare conference is shaped by the unparalleled expertise of SHPA’s unique Specialty Practice networks, in response to growing demand for clinical pharmacist education focused on crucial primary and aged care settings.

‘PharmCare Conference 2023 is about improving communications, connections and care and centralising the patient experience through the practice of accredited, embedded and GP pharmacists, in existing and emerging roles.

‘Our invited specialists will bring powerful insights from the cutting-edge of practice – illuminating pathways to embedded roles in residential aged care and at transitions of care – to foster collaboration and innovation at a time of unparalleled opportunity for pharmacists of all experience levels.

‘The comprehensive two-day program includes key clinical updates, focused skills development, a sweeping state of the nation and plentiful moments to network, connect and enjoy the sights and tastes of harbourside Hobart.

‘Importantly, Accredited Pharmacists who move their existing accreditation over to SHPA recognition by Wednesday 30 November will receive a $180 discount on conference registration, further to the existing discount available to SHPA members.’

Deirdre Criddle, SHPA Board Director and member of the Transitions of Care and Primary Care Leadership Committee says the conference marks an important milestone for SHPA.

‘Our dedicated Transitions of Care and Primary Care and Geriatric Medicine Specialty Practice streams gather unique expertise in this important and growing area, and will continue to play a crucial advisory role ensuring smooth transition of all practitioner credentials, regardless of individual progress toward accreditation or re-accreditation and professional memberships held.’

SHPA Chief Executive Kristin Michaels says SHPA reaffirms its commitment to supporting the unique expertise of Accredited Pharmacists.

‘In December we plan to launch two education pathways to support the clinical expertise of this growing cohort, one for pharmacists moving into new embedded pharmacist roles in residential aged care and a second for practitioners becoming Accredited Pharmacists.

‘Next year we will extend our national awards program, establishing new honours for established and emerging Accredited Pharmacists, plus a third honour for outstanding practice in residential aged care.

‘Last month we released a reference flowchart outlining pathways of ‘AcSHP’ recognition and all accreditation and membership options and newly announced initiatives supporting SHPA’s growing community of Accredited Pharmacists.

‘SHPA is Australia’s only continuously accrediting body, and pre-eminent scientific and patient-centred pharmacy organisation. As the natural home of Accredited Pharmacists, we will continue to advocate for the crucial role they play upholding quality use of medicines and medication safety for patients who are at risk of medication-related harm and hospitalisation.’