Executive team

Kristin Michaels

Chief Executive

Kristin is focused on achieving healthcare service re-design and systems level change to benefit hospital pharmacists, technicians and Australian patients through innovative governance, new partnerships and diversifying the range and scope of SHPA’s programs and activities.

A contemporary Chief Executive with almost 20 years’ experience within healthcare organisations, and through Board Directorships in both the primary and acute sectors, Kristin has modernised SHPA in step with the evolving nature of Australian healthcare, implementing agile operations and guiding the development of new strategic directions to position SHPA for future growth.

Email: ceo@shpa.org.au

Johanna de Wever

General Manager, Advocacy and Leadership

Johanna leads SHPA’s advocacy and policy activity, harnessing decades of members’ experience and expertise to advocate for improved patient care, having previously led advocacy and communication activities for several national not-for-profits and a medical college.

This engagement effort includes SHPA’s extensive Specialty Practice program across 24 pharmacy disciplines, as well as partnering with pharmacy organisations, healthcare stakeholders, consumers and government to provide expert clinical advice and grow understanding of the range, complexity and value of work undertaken by hospital pharmacists. Johanna also oversees support for SHPA’s Branch Committees.

Email: jdewever@shpa.org.au

Dan Guidone

Head of Pharmacy Futures

Dan steers many of SHPA’s cornerstone programs, including the Residency Program, National Translational Research Collaborative and Tech Role Redesign project, committed to supporting and empowering pharmacists and technicians to work at their full scope of practice, through every career stage.

Formerly Deputy Director of Pharmacy at the Alfred Hospital, and co-host of the Purple Pen Podcast, Dan also represents SHPA in supporting Advancing Practice and manages other credentialing programs including Medication Management Reviews (MMR) and the Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (BCGP) credential, as SHPA influences the development of a stronger and more capable Australian pharmacy workforce.

Email: dguidone@shpa.org.au

Murray Mansell

Chief Financial Officer

With 40 years' experience in executive management, Murray informs SHPA’s financial strategies and is responsible for managing financial controls, accounting procedures and reporting on the financial performance of SHPA as the organisation’s membership and services continue to grow.

Email: mmansell@shpa.org.au

Sally Ridgers

General Manager, Education and Services

Sally directs SHPA's diverse and growing range of continuing professional development (CPD) seminars, webinars, conferences and workshops, ensuring SHPA remains Australia’s leading provider of clinical pharmacy CPD.

Sally oversees SHPA events, including symposia supporting key workforce development program and Australia’s largest annual scientific pharmacy conference, Medicines Management.

Sally manages a diverse array of sponsorship portfolios, and leads stakeholder engagement for SHPA's events, conferences, CPD and grants.

Email: sridgers@shpa.org.au

Nick Sharp-Paul

Head of Strategy and Communication

Nick leads SHPA’s publications, membership, media and communications activity, including the flagship titles Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook and Don’t Rush to Crush, member-led magazine Pharmacy GRIT, and online communications that keep members engaged and involved in SHPA’s many programs, products and services.

Formerly Media Advisor at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Nick supports SHPA’s growing alliances and stakeholder engagement by building awareness through proactive media and partnering with members to tell their stories, shaping SHPA’s vision and strategies for the future of hospital pharmacy in Australia.

Email: nsharp-paul@shpa.org.au