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Join more than 4000 of your peers leading innovative pharmacy practice in Australia at SHPA. SHPA has a diverse membership of pharmacists, pharmacy interns, pharmacy students and technicians working in a wide range of healthcare settings. SHPA members lead the Pharmacy Departments at all 30 of the principal referral hospitals in Australia, as well as the vast majority of both Public Acute A and Public Acute B hospitals. Furthermore, 75% of all hospitals (public and private) have their Pharmacy Departments led by a SHPA member. Our members are progressive advocates for clinical excellence, passionate about patient care and committed to evidence-based practice. 

SHPA exists to promote and protect the well-being of all members as you travel on your professional journey. SHPA supports members with skill development programs, training and peer support to enhance your career, whilst we engage with governments to increase understanding of the range, complexity and value of our members’ work.  SHPA aims to create ongoing opportunities for you to get involved in the development and implementation of new projects and programs to benefit members. 

How will SHPA membership benefit you?
Renew your membership
Terms and Conditions

How will SHPA membership benefit you?

  • Comprehensive continuing professional development (CPD) support with SHPA online training, CPD events and webinars, guidance and automatic CPD recording for people who want more than a ‘tick the box’ approach to CPD 
  • Evidence-based resources to assist your practice at your fingertips including SHPA’s Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research (JPPR) and online access to crucial pharmacy resources, research journal articles and reference e-books through EBSCOhost, Medline and Dynamed 
  • Support to help you build a better career through employment opportunities via SHPA jobs board, high quality MMR accreditation program, research and development grants and discounted access to shpaclinCAT competency assessment training
  • A strong and respected voice to advocate on your behalf to influence contemporary pharmacy practice and reinforce the key role of pharmacists in health care
  • Stay connected with pharmacists leading the profession with opportunities to network with like-minded peers and regular eNews and social media updates on issues impacting your practice 
  • Free student membership to support pharmacy students during their pathway to becoming a pharmacist

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SHPA has membership plans to suit pharmacists at all stages of their career. Join us now to enhance your professional development and career journey.


To join online, please select your category below, click on the 'join now' link and follow the prompts. 

Full Pharmacist Member

(a) a pharmacist who has general registration to practise pharmacy in Australia
(b) a person who is qualified to practise pharmacy in a country other than Australia and who is a member of a recognised professional association of pharmacists in a country other than Australia; or
(c) a person who is qualified to practise pharmacy from a country without a recognised professional association of pharmacists

2017/2018 Membership fee:$527.00 (inc GST)$263.50 (inc GST)$131.75 (inc GST)$43.95 (inc GST)

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*please click here if you wish to pay your annual membership by instalments, or if you would like to convert your existing provisional pharmacist membership to full pharmacist membership.

Provisional Pharmacist Member

An individual who has provisional registration to practise pharmacy in Australia under an intern training program (or equivalent) in Australia 

2017/2018 Membership fee:$120.00 (inc GST)$60.00 (inc GST)$30.00 (inc GST)$10.00 (inc GST)

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*please click here if you wish to pay your annual membership by instalments, or if you would like to convert your existing student membership to provisional pharmacist membership.

Former/Retired Member

A Member who is permanently no longer practising or holding general registration to practise.

2017/2018 Membership fee:$210.00 (inc GST)$105.00 (inc GST)$52.50 (inc GST)$17.50 (inc GST)

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Student Member

A pharmacy student, being an individual studying BPharm or MPharm at a tertiary education institution in Australia approved by the Pharmacy Board of Australia which leads to registration to practise pharmacy in Australia.

2017/2018 Membership fee:Complimentary

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*please note that student membership is for the period of your enrolment as a pharmacy student

Technician Member

A pharmacy technician or assistant, being an individual who is qualified by training or experience to carry out functions and activities (under the supervision of a pharmacist) that do not require the exercise of professional judgement by a pharmacist in a hospital or other medical establishment.

2017/2018 Membership fee:$210.00 (inc GST)$105.00 (inc GST)$52.50 (inc GST)$17.50 (inc GST)

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*please click here if you wish to pay your annual membership by instalments

Renew your membership

SHPA memberships must be renewed annually. Renewals are emailed at least 30 days prior to your expiry date. Members who do not renew by the specified date will lose access to all member privileges.

Log in, and from the member portal, you may manage your details and renew your SHPA membership.

  • To update your details: click on the applicable options on the LHS My Account menu.
  • To renew your membership: click on the green 'renew subscription' button on the top RHS of your portal. 

If your membership category has changed since you joined/last renewed, please contact us to update your membership. 

Terms and Conditions

Membership Fee Payment
You can join or renew your membership by paying the membership fee upfront or by instalments. When paying by instalments, you must enable the saved credit card and automatic payment options when processing your payment.

(a) Annual Payment: The total amount will be collected on or immediately after your membership application is approved or your membership is renewed.
(b) Monthly/Quarterly/Half-Yearly Direct Debit: If you choose to pay your membership fee by instalments, you will incur a payment of $24 with your first debited payment, to cover additional administrative costs. If there are insufficient funds available to make the deduction, SHPA may pass the associated bank fees on to you. Debit payments will be made when due and SHPA will not issue individual confirmation of payments made.

Collection dates:
•    Monthly: on or immediately after the first business day of each month for the membership year
•    Quarterly: on or immediately after the first business day of each quarter for the membership year
•    Half-Yearly: on or immediately after the first business day of each half of the membership year

Please note that your membership will be valid for 12 months as of the day you join. 

For student members, your membership will run for the duration of your enrolment as a pharmacy student.

If paying by instalments, this means that you have agreed to pay for your 12-month membership in either 2, 4 or 12 equal instalments (in addition to the $24 admin fee added to your first instalment). 

Access to your membership benefits

SHPA members are granted access to all membership benefits for the period of their 12 month membership from the date of their payment, unless they have requested a Financial Year membership which runs from 1 July – 30 June. This includes access to online education, member discounts for events (eg. conferences, seminars, branch CE events), mailed copies of SHPA pharmacy journals (ie. JPPR and Pharmacy GRIT), discounts on our publications and more.


Please note: Eligibility for discounted event attendance relies on membership status at the date of the event. If you require a revised invoice for an event due to a forthcoming change in your membership please contact the secretariat to avoid being invoiced the outstanding difference.


Membership cancellation and refunds

Membership fees are not refundable, nor can they be transferred. When you join or renew your SHPA membership, you are committed to be a member of SHPA for the remainder of the membership year. Instalments can only be cancelled at the end of the membership year.

Your Commitment to SHPA 
When you choose to pay your membership fee by instalment/direct debit, you have authorised SHPA to arrange for funds to be debited from your account for the remainder of the membership year.

It is your responsibility to ensure that:
•    you are authorised to request the debiting of payments from the specified account;
•    your nominated account can accept direct debits (your financial institution can confirm this);
•    on the drawing date there are sufficient cleared funds in the nominated account to enable debit payments to be made

If you would like to discuss the payment of your membership plan please contact the Member Liaison Officer on (03) 9486 0177.

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